My Experience of SpyMac – the 1GB Webmail

Before Gmail accept member registeration, SpyMac has started to offer one gigabyte email account, after Google announced about Gmail’s 1GB webmail.

Sorry for my poor knowledge, I have never heard about SpyMac before this. From the name you can tell it is something related to Macintosh. If you ask me, I would say it is a webhosting company by and for Macintosh fans.

In order to know the truth of SpyMac 1GB webmail, I am going to register one.

Interesting Features
The SpyMac offer not only big email account. Here are what you will get by register for free membership:

  • 1000 (1GB) MB E-Mail Account(support POP!)
  • 250 MB of Picture Storage
  • 100 MB of Web Space
  • Personal Blog, Forum and Gallery
  • iCal Hosting (iCal is a calendar software for Mac OS)
  • If this is truth, a free member will get 1350MB from SpyMac’s server!

    First step, register at [url][/url]. I tried to register using 3 characters nick(“LCF”) but failed, use 4 chars(“LIEW”) also rejected. Finally, I use LIEWCF, 6 chars. I think the system only accept username with minimum 5 chars length.

    Step 2, enter your personal information. (do not need to fill in all)

    Step 3, MORE personal information to fill in. It says the information will be used in SpyMac community. I skipped it to Step 4. :P

    Step 4, tick RSS Feed that you interest in. Again, I skipped it. ;)

    Step 5, some optional demographics to fill in. You guessed it, I skipped it again to finish the registeration. It said OPTIONAL wat~

    You are required to check your email(fill in at Step 1) for the instruction to activate SpyMac account. However, I does not get the email immediately after registeration… (okay, this is normal due to the nature of how email works)

    … (small bird flies over)…

    10 minutes over already and I still do not get the activation email. :? Anyway, Dr. Liew has post sample SpyMac membership activation email on his blog.

    Seems like you have to fill in some private information to get the BIG space… Anyway, I shall continue my SpyMac experience Part #2 after received the email.

    (I wonder it is at which corner of the world now…)

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