New AdSense Referrals for Picasa and Google Pack

Google Adsense added new product referrals for Picasa and Google Pack.

You will earn up to USD$2 for each Google Pack referral, and up to USD$1 for each Picasa referral. However, Google Pack referrals are currently only offered in U.S.

How to set up?

  1. Log into your Google AdSense account.
  2. Goto: AdSense Setup – Products – Referrals.
  3. Choose Picasa and Continue.

    google adsense picasa referral

  4. Select among the different referral buttons. Text links also available.
  5. Click Continue to get your referral code and paste into your web page.
  6. Done. Wait for referral revenue from the link. :)

Sample Picasa referral buttons

picasa referral buttonAs you can see, the referral buttons design are VERY plain. They are plain text only buttons. “Google” word is highlighted but the product name, Picasa, is missing.

My two cents

Due to the poor design of referral buttons, I suggest you to use the referral text link.

Add a small Picasa logo beside a Picasa referral text link would pull more attention. Could we do that? Ask Google AdSense team.

[via Inside AdSense]

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