Normandy — Nokia Android Smartphone that Microsoft will Never Release

Normandy Nokia Android Smartphone
Normandy Nokia Android Smartphone (image by @evleaks)

Many Android fans who like Nokia Lumia phone build quality would be excited to learn about Normandy – a Nokia Android smartphone project.

The mystery Nokia Android phone image (picture) was published by @evleaks in November 2013. It looks like a Nokia Asha 500 series phone with one capacitive button but missing camera flash.

Based on multiple sources of The Verge, Normandy is designed as an “Asha equivalent” low cost phone. It runs a custom forked version of Google’s Android operating system – similar to Amazon Kindle Fire tablet – without Google Play services.

Sources says Normandy phone is planned to release in 2014 and the effort is “full steam ahead”.

Yes, we think Microsoft know about the project in the Nokia acquisition meetings.

It is not a secret that Nokia has Android projects to run the open source mobile operating system on Asha and high-end Lumia smartphones.

In my opinion, Normandy is just another Nokia’s prototype. One company could have many prototypes and concept designs, it does not mean they will be released.

If the rumor is true, Nokia needs to release Normandy smartphone before Microsoft completes the billions dollar acquisition of Nokia in early 2014.

Even so, you will most likely do not want to buy it. Who want a phone with only a few months support?

Microsoft will kill the Nokia Android phone project later. I have no doubt about it. What do you think?

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