Now You Can Withdraw PayPal Money to Debit, Credit Cards

PayPalPayPal announced new funds withdrawal functionality to withdraw PayPal money to credit card, debit card, or prepaid cards in 26 countries. The process only takes 3 easy steps.

withdraw paypal funds to credit card
Image: withdraw paypal funds to credit card

The new feature is great for PayPal members in the countries where previously can send money but had limited ways to receive or withdraw money. Example: Previously, Malaysian PayPal members can only send or receive PayPal funds but no official way to withdraw the funds. Now, they can withdraw their funds to their card.

The new functionality is available in: Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, Estonia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Indonesia, India, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Philippines, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, UAE, and Uruguay.

Check PayPal Offerings Worldwide for updates.

Withdraw PayPal funds to your card

Before you can withdraw PayPal funds to your card, you need to add a valid debit, credit card or prepaid card to your account.

The PayPal website stated that you can withdraw PayPal funds to both Visa and MasterCard cards but the official blog stated that the new withdrawal function is only available to Visa-branded cards. But I believe MasterCard cards will be supported soon.

Each withdrawal cost $5 USD. Minimum withdrawal amount is $10 USD (check other currency limits). Maximum withdrawal amount per day is $500 USD. The processing time takes 5-7 business days.

My two cents

This is a great news for those “PayPal Limited Functionality Countries” such as Malaysia. We have waited for this for years! Ever since PayPal started accepting Malaysian registrations in 2004, PayPal funds withdrawal was a feature we always asked for.

Malaysians local PayPal funds withdrawal functionality was promised in the Ebay Explained 2006. I am glad that they cashed their promise now. :)

[hat tip: jimmychin, Wayne Liew, KennyP, Rammel Firdaus, Zaiful Zin, and enches]

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67 thoughts on “Now You Can Withdraw PayPal Money to Debit, Credit Cards”

  1. Wow! At least I don’t need etrade now. :) This is a good announcement for me in Indonesia too! Thanks for your info, LcF. But $500 a day with 5-7 business day processing is too Slow. :)

  2. i already check in Withdraw funds menu…seem they charge for USD5.00..

    take it from paypal:
    PayPal charges a fee for withdrawals to your card. Currency conversion fees may also apply. If the information in your withdrawal request is incomplete or incorrect, PayPal will charge a return fee. For more information, click Fees at the bottom of any page

  3. This is really a good news for ME ! :)
    I want to withdraw for the first time, once my earning in paypal reached $50

    –blog for dream–

  4. There’s a 5 time limit a year for doing this withdrawal, so it’s best to let the funds accumulate more before withdrawing. I’d like to know if we start withdrawing this year and reach 5 times, is it by January the limit will return to 5 times? Or is per year more like Oct 2007 to Oct 2008…anybody knows?

  5. It’s a very good news for all Malaysian. As an auction site seller like me in and, I’m happy as it definitely will increase the sales. Accepting paypal will increase the impulse purchase on a credit card consumer. =)

  6. PayPal rejected by AMB NexG Debit Card (mastercard) since no arrangement made by the issuer according to PayPal.

    I wanted to add my 2nd PB Debit Card (Visa) but was rejected by PayPal being not acceptable (?). My 1st PB Debit Card was accepted fro about 8 months but I had to cancel it early this year since there were unauthorized attempts at it and PB asked me to get a new card.

  7. I went to Maybank Singapore the other day, have not problem to open a bank account even without work permit.

    Just make sure you already have a Malaysia maybank account.

    With a Singapore Paypal account, I have not withdrawal limit problem.

  8. Visa credit card holders are now free to withdraw their paypal account to the credit card. It will be easier to make payments for people but can also cause problems as it has been mentoned above.

  9. Now it is not necessary to transfer monies in PayPal accounts to Visa credit cards because PayPal has announced a partnership with MasterCard that allows users to shop on sites that don’t accept PayPal directly.

    I’m happy with this arrangement because now I can use my online earnings from the sales (paid to PayPal) of digital products at my websites to pay for expenses charged by merchants not accepting PayPal.

  10. Dear LcF (or anyone who knows),
    i was just wondering if you know the maximum value we can transfer from our Paypal account to PB Electron Debit Card. (I’m just asking since you also have PB debit card)

    I’ve tried transfering USD100 and it worked! and I was planning to transfer more but I’m just afraid if Public Bank will retain or warn me if I transfer too much…

  11. aah, i forgot to mention that I knew that the maximum withdrawal amount per day is USD500, but that is from Paypal right? My previous question was dedicated more to the recipient bank, I mean, so if we transfer USD500 into PB Debit Card, sure can success? Public Bank doesn’t put any limited amount that can be transferred into PB Debit Card? like example maybe not more than USD200.. something like that?

  12. Greetings to all,

    This morning I was notified by PayPal that I had paid $46.85 USD to for a copy of Digimax 134 at ebay.

    Since I didn’t buy anything from ebay the past eight months I googled “Digimax 134” and read the following:

    “Hi All – just be careful about the scams that run rampant this time of year — I just received this one… 1st reaction would be to click the link .. but that’s what the thieves want you to do.. Please don’t fall for it!

    I added in the “XXX” just incase they stole somone’s REAL info.’

    More info at

    Earlier I had read an email demanding payment from ebay and clicked the link for info about the transaction.

    I wanted to dispute the transaction but I was unable to complete the PayPal’s Dispute Transaction form because I’m not sure what to type for about “Card PIN:”

    Is it the the 4 digits (before the Card Verification
    Number) at the back of my Mastercard?

    I don’t want not try because there is a warning as follows:

    ‘ If you provide a wrong PIN your account will be suspended for unauthorized account access.’

    If this had been happening, I wonder why PayPal didn’t freeze‘s account.

    Please help. Thanks.

  13. Please allow me to add a bit more important info.

    The forward email is which is obviously a false one.

    The link for “Dispute transaction (Encrypted Link )” is

    If you type in the browser you would be sent to which is probably the page authorizing PayPal to make payment to the bast**d.

    Enjoy your Holidays and Happy New Year.

  14. I just received a notification from “PayPal” that I paid $46.85 USD to franz2nutty at for a copy of Digimax 134 at ebay. What a scam! Luckily I googled Digimax 134 before I clicked the link. It was a false notification.

  15. Dear LcF (or anyone who knows),
    just wanna noe if i register a Premier Account i Paypal, how mush i shud pay for the monthly charges?

    and beisde that, does UOB debit card that provide to college student is allow to use?

  16. it says in paypal that i could use a debit card to buy items at ebay, im from thailand and there is no one really who knows about this matter.

    when i typed my debit card number as it is stated in my atm card that it is a debit card, paypal said that the card that im using isnt acceptable and i must check in my local bank about the matter.

    please help me sir, thanks

  17. hi there, i was seriously excited when i know there’s a blog that actually discuss bout malaysian debit card and paypal. good work should i say :P

    anyway, i need your help. im a student in Kuala Lumpur and my home town is in Sabah, so i have problems on buying online airplane ticket. when i read your article bout Visa Electron Debit Card, i straight away apply for it and im waiting for it. so i wonder can i use that card to buy an online ticket or online purchasing as i am very interested on buying foreign movies which only available online..

    and how can i apply paypal?? can i apply with Visa Electron?

  18. Bro Liew,

    I am interested to apply for Maybank Visa Electron Debit.

    Can I use it to verified to Paypal and withdraw money from Paypal.


  19. I have a mastercard debit card attached to my paypal account and have tried to place ads on sites in the US to sell products. I’ve used the card to purchase items before but when i tried to place the ads i got a message saying that i couldn’t process this payment with a credit card at this time?
    I contacted paypal and they said that their system recognises a pattern of transcations with certain cards and when the type of transaction changes, the system blocks it?
    I’ve since added another card but i’m worried this will happen again. Subch a pain in the ass. Does Paypal Singapore apply more restrictions than other countries?

  20. Hai Liew,
    I am going to sign up a paypal account , I found they offer 3 types , personal , premier , business.

    I want to receive money from adsense earning , so which type of account I should apply ?

  21. @Beautybang: Adsense do not send money to PayPal account. You will receive adsense payments by cheques or western union for some countries.

  22. Thank for the info Liew. I also run adbrite advertisement at my blog , it pay through paypal. So….may I know which type of account I should apply ?

    If not mistaken , premier , business account is not free.

  23. May i know whats handling mean? Everytime i saw people stated about shipping + handling? Is it something to do with paypal?

  24. @Jimmy: “handling” is the fee that the seller handle your item, such as wrapping, get it from stock, office works, etc. It has nothing to do with paypal.

  25. @BeautyBang: a personal paypal account should be enough for you. premier and business paypal accounts are free to apply but charge fee in per transaction.

  26. Thanks Liew.
    One more question…Do I still need to pay any charges to public bank other than $5 USD withdrawal charge from paypal when I withdraw my money from pb atm?


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