This page is dedicated to family and friends who are interested to know what I am currently doing. 

I am living in Petaling Jaya with my wife, son, and daughter.

We left Kluang hometown and moved to Petaling Jaya in 2018. Son is 5-year-old and attends the first-year kindergarten. Daughter is 3-year-old, active and pampered. Wife is working as an accounting lecturer in Kuala Lumpur.

Have not wake up early in the past years and sometimes even sleep at sunrise, I now wake up at 7 am sharp to fetch son to kindergarten (sometimes make his breakfast box too!) every weekday.

Most of the time, I am taking care children at home. I have been slacking on the blog and seldom attend media events for free food and goodies bags (ha!).

Now I work from home as a WordPress consultant providing services below:

  • Fast & secure WordPress hosting
  • WordPress Optimization
  • WordPress Site Care
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Fix your WordPress site issues

Contact me to take care your WordPress sites :)

After using Windows and Mac OS for 20+ years, I am now a full-time Ubuntu Linux user. I am exploring cloud computing services for a cost-effective and high-performance WordPress hosting for consumers.

I quit watching TV and read Kindle e-book daily. Currently, I am reading “马云:未来已来“.

I also uninstalled the Facebook app from my phone (still have Messenger). Now I read books/articles whenever I realized that I don’t have Facebook app…

The only game I am playing now is Clash Royale (3,704 trophies).

Last Updated: 8 February 2018

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