Opera is Best Memory Management Web Browser

Previously, I published few reasons that I cannot switch to Opera from Firefox. Now, I still cannot switch to Opera but I will use Opera more often than ever because of Opera’s good memory management.

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FirefoxSince I become full time blogger, I often open a lot websites at the same time. I found that the more tabs you open, the more memory used by Firefox. It is common that Firefox take up more than 100MB system memory. When the system not enough memory, the program will response very slow, few seconds lags (it does not crash, anyway).


CaminoI tried Camino, the Mac browser based on Mozilla. Camino is a good mac browser, it is slightly faster than Firefox but does not support Firefox extensions. However, since Camino is based on Mozilla Gecko, it has the same memory management problem, too.


SafariSafari is Mac OS X default web browser. It is simple and fast. Safari is based on Konqueror code. Safari use less memory than Firefox and Camino, but the memory used can also jump up a lot as you increase the number of websites.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer logoThe only web browser that does not support tab browsing (IE6). Since I am on Mac now, I cannot test the Windows Internet Explorer. From my past experience, IE also used up a lot memory.


Opera logoOpera has amazing memory management. I open twenty websites in Opera tabs but the memory still keep under 50MB, only few MB increased from initial start up. Though there are a lot websites opened at the same time, but Opera still has very good response time. In fact, it makes no different whether you open one website or twenty websites. Great!

My two cents

Before Firefox improve its memory management (hopefully in 1.5 final?), I think I will load the web pages in Opera but blog in Firefox (reasons).

Frankly, I don’t mind to pay for my “dream web browser”. :)

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