Ordered Dell 2407WFP 24-inch LCD Monitor

Have you place your order for Dell Hot Deals? I did. I ordered the Dell 2407WFP 24-inch UltraSharp Wide Screen LCD Monitor at RM1999.

I wanted to buy a 24-inch LCD monitor since November 2006 and have been tracking the price since then. It was around RM2300 but, in 2007, Dell Malaysia increased the price to RM2559 and never decrease the price again.

The latest Dell promotion price is only RM1999, which means I can save over 500 ringgit! Immediately, I ordered my Dell 2407WFP 24-inch LCD Monitor! :D

How many monitors I have?

Currently, I have a Dell 1704FPT 17-inch UltraSharp LCD Monitor (previous review) connected to my Apple iBook 12-inch.

Apple iBook 12-inch and Dell 170FPT 17-inch LCD Monitor
Image: My current Apple iBook and 17-inch LCD monitor

After I got my 24-inch LCD monitor, the setup will look similar like the following picture, plus an Apple iBook. :)

Size comparison between 17-inch and 24-inch LCD monitor
Image: Size comparison between 17-inch and 24-inch LCD monitor

Oh, I will connect one of the LCD monitor to my Vista Box. Yes, I just ordered a PC from local computer shop. :D

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