PayPal Accepts Malaysians Now!

Update (Nov 2009): Now you can withdraw PayPal money to any Malaysia bank accounts. Click here for more information.

The popular online fund transfer system – PayPal begins to accept Malaysia registerations, finally. :grin:

PayPal is free and easy to use online fund transfer system. You can easily set up it to accept online credit card payments at your website! It is great for personal and small business.

Due to the high rate of credit card frauds in Malaysia, PayPal was banning Malaysians from register/use its services. It was a great loss for Malaysia webmasters!

Without PayPal, Malaysia webmasters must register an online fund processing account like 2CheckOut or PaySystems. The minimum registeration fee is US$45(RM171), compare to US$0(free) registeration of PayPal.

Luckily, PayPal starts accept Malaysians registeration. I register an account immediately after I got the news. Guess what, LcF Weblog starts accept online donation now! ;)

My two cents

PayPal opens its door to Malaysians is definately a good news. It will boost the e-commerce of the country, I believe.

With open source shopping cart and PayPal, any shop can sell their products online now and the cost is FREE!

Updates: There are other sound about PayPal at

Updates (9 June): Some users told me that they can register PayPal account, but cannot add their credit card information.

Seems like PayPal open registeration to Malaysians BUT still reject Malaysia credit cards. :sad:

Updates (20 June): PayPal has already accepting Malaysia credit cards! Cheers!

Update (Nov 2009): Now you can withdraw PayPal money to any Malaysia bank accounts. Click here for more information.

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80 thoughts on “PayPal Accepts Malaysians Now!”

  1. :eek: I don’t believe it!!!!! :shock: This is so cool!!!!!:cool: Now I can start selling the rubbish I bought from eBay, back on eBay! :grin:


  2. Thanks for the link, sher win. I believe everything has its two sides. Since PayPal don’t cost you any cent. Why don’t just try it out? :)

  3. i registered to paypal as well, but having problem when adding credit card. I tried both visa and master, but prompted my cc is not from verified country. :shock:So strange!? Malaysia is in the verified country now but my cc are not? :mad:

    I send email to paypal customer support. After 5 days of delay in reply me, they asked my phone them. You are rite!! they ask me phone to US :!:

  4. Jeff – it’s actually quite cheap to call the US these days, especially if you have a prepaid long-distance phone card. iTalk is only charging MYR0.20 a minute – that’s CHEAPER than making calls on most Malaysian mobile phone plans.

  5. jikon> just called to US using timegold, which cost me RM1 per minute :cry:

    paypal customer service was operate from 6am to 12 midnite(of course USA time) While the phone is connected, i have to TALK(but not press) to the computer to direct me to appropriate operator. I guess paypal is using some voice recognation software, quite impressive but means cost me more phone charges.

    I have talk to their consultant. Result is dissapointed. Paypal told me that they are accept credit card from malaysia for sure, bkoz sme ppl from m’sia alr apply(i suspect she SINKA me) She said the reason my cc cant be accepted is the cc provider do not maintain same country compare to the country i stay.

    This is very weird. I apply cc in malaysia but my card not from malaysia???

    FYI, i tried cc from citibank and direct access, but still not successful :???:

  6. I tried credit card ana debit card from public bank. Both failed. I then tried Standard Chartered credit card. Still failed.

    Which bank’s credit card are accepted?

  7. There is an issue with streamyx IP because many people in US thought that our IP is actually Australia IP! I think I need to inform PayPal on this.

  8. Menj: yes, I am sure PayPal accepts your registeration now.
    BUT, as other friends comments above, PayPal does NOT accept Malaysians credit card. It make your PayPal account USELESS! You cannot put fund in your paypal account, and cannot withdraw fund from it!

    My advice is use a PayPal alternative.

  9. the onli thing now we can do is wait, wait for ppl who can link their credit card to paypal, and inform us which cc he is using, so we ALL go apply that cc :razz::lol::twisted:

  10. CY: thank you for the links. I think it is useless if we cannot withdraw the money from local banks. I will write about other PayPal alternatives soon.

  11. You’re welcome

    Try this: & – I have heard good and bad things bout it. No first hand experience tho

    Good luck. Let me know if I can help


    CY @

  12. Hey guys,

    just wanted let you know, paypal have accept cc from malaysia. I just add my cc and everything is an order. Just wait for your monthly statement from your bank, enter your expanded use number and you’re set to go :grin:

  13. hi guys
    I’ve successfully registered and used my credit card (only citibank – the direct access card was not accepted) with paypal.
    but the problem is for normal paypal accounts to receive cash for free, the cash should be from a bank a/c and not a credit card. (For eg: sending cash to a person with paypal in s’pore – they need to have a premium a/c to receive credit card funded cash from my a/c). and i can’t add a malaysian bank a/c on paypal. too weird.

    about alternatives – i HIGHLY recommend They’re super convenient and secure. They break up the transaction amount in two, and actually call you long-distance from US personally to confirm payment. Service for fast and convenient.

  14. Guys,

    FYI, I managed to registered in Pay Pal with Direct Access Virtual MasterCard. Currently, waiting for monthly statement to get expanded use number ! Cheers :grin:

  15. :mrgreen: Hi everyone, I just signed into PayPal today using my Citibank credit card. I have a few questions though, do I have to sign up for the extended program? Why is that? And how do we Malaysians get to use our money? Do we transfer the cash from our PayPal account into a relative or friend’s bank account in the USA? I would really appreciate someone’s help! Thanks very much! BTW, I signed in with IKOBO, but they blocked my account for no reason & are now asking me to fax my utility bills.. ????

  16. I contacted PayPal, and there’s no way Malaysian can withdraw their money to local bank, even Citibank Malaysia is not considered as US bank account. One of the solutions I found on the internet is to open singapore bank account, and another paypal (singapore), as paypal deposits your money to singaporean bank directly. So far, I used my paypal money to purchased stuff & advertising campaign.

  17. Thank you, Fairuz. Open an account in Singapore is a long time method before PayPal accept Malaysians. I would recommend everyone try the paypal alternative available, like YowCow. :)

  18. I’m in KL, stay and work here. It was about 3 week ago, I’ve succesfully opened an account with paypal using my EVO RHB card for my pay to click making money program. Anyway it took me two days, you know why? simply because the phone number was not probperly written. I mean +603-XXX-XXX-XX . Mail me at

  19. I am thinking about opening a Singapore bank account with a Singapore PayPal account but the only way possible to open a Singapore bank account is if you are
    – a Singaporean
    – a registered Singapore company
    – have a work permit in Singapore

    OK now … the only alternative I am thinking about right now is to use a friend’s to register a Paypal account + use his bank account.

    Any other opinions?

  20. helo mus,

    i have just registered with pay pal and read about ur comments.
    how can i get my money out from pay pal if i am in malaysia and now they ask me to use extended. i have click yes, yet what is that for? pls advise.

  21. I think another solution is to paypal your money to a Singaporean friend … let him/her download the money to his/her bank account and give you the cash

  22. I just went to paypal website, paypal is offer in malaysia but can’t withdraw funds to my local bank account,
    is that true:?::?:

  23. Hi, I have registered paypal account for quite sometime, no problem at all. But in order to withdraw, I have only 2 options: 1. Fly to Singapore to open a bank account. 2. Apply for the approval from Bank Negara to open the US account locally (sounds good)!

    But I don’t use either way, I thought of too troublesome to have US account opened.

    Anyone, having ideas where can I get an International Bank account, without flying out? How about Debit card (International one)?

    Thank you, and wish all of you best luck

  24. Jackey, I know that you can open a USD account with foreign banks here in Malaysia. But I don’t think that you can use that to withdraw you Paypal money.

    And as for using Singapore bank account … you need a Singaporean Paypal account. You can’t use your Malaysian Paypal account to withdraw to a Singapore bank. You can only use with US banks.

    But if you manage to open a Singapore bank account, maybe you register anothe Paypal account from Singapore. As for opening the bank account, I wrote this way up, but I’ll repeat this again.

    To open a Singapore bank account … you have to be either …
    – a Singaporean
    – a registered Singapore company
    – have a work permit in Singapore

  25. Hello LCF,

    I’m definitely a newbies when come to paypal. Can you please explain what exactly and how its actually work for paypal rate selling to others? Sorry i do not get the meaning of 3.7 rate

    Thanks alot

  26. How about Indonesia? When will the good man in Paypal company will list Indonesia in their approved country? Trust me, only a little bit of bad guys made Indonesia unlisted in Paypal, and the rest are nice.

    I really hope that Paypal will broaden his wings to Indonesia. We welcome you here. Trust me, thousands of clean profit minded are eagerly waiting Paypal as a prominent method of payment. Anybody want to support me?

  27. May I ask if after register Paypal accounts, those information can be change again like email address,home address,phone number?
    Thanks. Sorry… I cannot find this at paypal site.

  28. May I ask if after register Paypal accounts, those information can be change again like email address,home address,phone number?
    Thanks. Sorry… I cannot find this at paypal site.

  29. Dear Sir LiewCF,

    Wish you a great day. I have some question, hope u could help:

    1) May I used different bank account card number for PayPal account which had been registered with my name?

    2) Does PayPal accept Maybank account?

    Thank u so much for your kindness Sir.

  30. @mamafiza: yes, you may use multiple bank accounts for PayPal. PayPal does not accept any Malaysia bank account yet, that include Maybank.

  31. Dear LiewCF,

    I am new to paypal. I got myself registered to paypal recently but there are some issues that I don’t understand. My current status is Malaysian-Unverified. When I try to ‘Get Verified’, it seems that paypal expects card information. Is it a must to enter our malaysia credit card info to paypal to get the status ‘Verified’?

  32. i would like to know if i can deposit money by using a public bank debit card for paypal or what are the other recommended ways to deposit the money into my paypal account except opening a singapore account..

  33. Hi there!

    I’ve just registered with paypal & waiting for my crdt card (maybank) statment to get the paypal verified payment no. Now, I still dont see clearly, what I can say, we will have a problem if we receive money, how about for example if I buy thing from uk ebay what other charges that will be incurred other than the bid price+shipping?? I really wanted to buy things in uk ebay but still got fear inside for the hidden charges. Thanks in advance.

  34. I have a Singapore bank account, if anyone interested in using it for your Paypal withdrawal, please discuss with me and let’s see how do we go about it.

    [Edit: For security reason, I cannot reveal your email address. Thank you.]

  35. @J: CIMB has debit card? I am not sure about it. Does your CIMB debit card has VISA or MASTERCARD logo on it? If yes, it should work with PayPal.

  36. hi there,

    I want to buy a product from an Australian website but the only method of payment is through paypal. So, my question
    1) if i pay using local bank credit card (visa/master) is there any extra/hidden charges by the bank or paypal;
    2) how long it will take for the payment to be confirmed (accepted)


  37. hi there, i would like to open a singapore paypal account but could anyone please let me know what is the URL for singapore paypal website? thank you very much….

  38. @SW: PayPal does not have a dedicated site for Singapore. You can choose “Singapore” for Country during your PayPal registration.

    It is advised to submit your truth information to PayPal, e.g: do not claim that you are singaporean if you are malaysian.

  39. Hi LiewCF,

    Latest updates about PayPal withdrawal for Malaysian. Right now we can withdraw in our local debit card. I went to check out from the PayPal sites and confirmed on this.

    In need a great news not only for Malaysians and 25 other Asia Pacific countries as well.

    I have posted the details in my blog, you can tell you other friends who are in the countries list on the good news.

  40. About two minutes ago my payment processor,, emailed me that the 4 payments (totaling USD12) to me were made using a stolen card in Feb 2008. The owner had discovered the theft recently and cancelled all charges.

    Despite no fault of mine my PayPal account was debited with USD12 plus charges of USD40 (USD10 x 4) = USD52.

    Fair or not?

  41. May i ask something about paypal from you.
    i get a paypal acc and confirm with my CIMBcredit card.
    but it still unable to send fund to other, alwalys say that u have not permission to send fund, pls try again later. the service center ppl say that take 3days so that only i can use it. but i have try for 3days+ already
    do u have the same problem when u register paypal?

  42. I would like to register a paypal for make payment online but i have a question did malaysia got paypal that can easy transfer money to seller?? Since paypal still not so hot in malaysia even a bank CS also don;t know that paypal meanings…

  43. is paypal in chinese writting = 支付宝
    i want to buy thing from They use 支付宝.

  44. Yes, although paypal has accepted Malaysia credit card but there is fees chargeable for every amount transfers to your credit card and i think this is still expensive as compare to transfer to bank account with no fees in United States.

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