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After I posted “PayPal Accept Malaysian“, many users found that eventhough they can send fund into their account but they are unable to withdraw money from PayPal account.

Many asked, “How to withdraw money?”. For the question, I send an email to PayPal and got their reply.

Here is the complete content of the reply:

Thanks for contacting PayPal. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your questions.

At this time we have expanded our bank withdrawals to include the banking systems of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Since you would register your PayPal Account under Malaysia, the only bank account you will be able to add is a U.S. bank account from a branch located within the United States.

PayPal is constantly working to expand and improve our services for our customers. We hope to be expanding our bank transfer capabilities to include more countries, but due to the complexities of global finance, we cannot give a timetable for this expansion.

Please note:

Members in some countries may not use PayPal to receive payments, and may only send payments
– Withdrawals to a foreign bank in U.S. denominated funds are not available with your PayPal Account. Only U.S. bank accounts, from a branch located within the U.S., denominated in U.S. Dollars can be added to a PayPal account

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

PayPal Community Support
PayPal, an eBay Company


  • Malaysian can fund in money to their PayPal account.
  • Malaysian cannot withdraw money from their PayPal account.

Possible solutions:

  • Open an account in accepted countries as mentioned in the email.
  • Share PayPal account with your friend who is in the accepted countries.
  • Use other alternative free online payment processing companies(MoneyBookers, Ikobo, StormPay and YowCow).

Update: Now you can withdraw PayPal money to any Malaysia bank accounts. Click here for more information.

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40 thoughts on “PayPal Replies to Malaysia Member”

  1. Try Some lelongers are willing to buy PayPal money. I’m also looking for people who want to sell their PayPal money.

    [ Edit: E-Currency exchange link removed. ]

  2. Been reading logs and blogs on paypal. I came accross a website recently because of the same problem. Have paypal account cannot draw. I’ve gone thru the site but I’m not sure how legit it is. Please check it out. Website Name is . The only problem I forsee is that it does not accept debit cards at the moment.

  3. this is bad,

    saying this..

    i would like to know what do you think of this option:
    Opening up a hoax acc as Singapore resident, and then going to singapore 2 open the acc, and then wiring the money to malaysia.

    How in the blue hell am i going to open a acc in US.

    by the way, it looks like i will be posting my resignation in February 2005. And i am only 19!!!

    as long as i can clear my paypal acc , then it wont be a problem!

  4. Hi

    i am trying I deposited 100 dollars from paypal.. and waiting for the funds to clear.. After the funds clear i will try withdrawing to bank and see if its working or not


  5. That is a good idea shanoj, please do share your experience with us and see if its work, i’m sure everyone will be grateful to know that :D

  6. Hi tony

    Today the funds got cleared and now i submitted withdrawal request to my bank..It will take 2 to 3 days for that transaction to be complete… But i think i forgot to tell u some more geographical details.. I am basically from india. My wife is thai.. and now i am in thailand and i am withdrawing to a thai bank..

    But they process both international and local withdrawals.. so I think, for anybodyoutside thailand, it will be the case of som extra dollars for wire transfer..

    According to their website, for wire transfer they charge 39 dollars. and if we select the intermediate fees and reciever fees, be deducted from our bank(ie recieving bank), their wire transfer fees is 16 dollars…You have to check with ur bank about this rates and select an appropirate wire transfer

    so the key is once your paypal account have got as much funds and you withdraw large sums to asianpay and then withdraw to your bank ..For smaller amounts i think wire transfer will not be worth..Another news is , i think they will be introducing debitcards.. If debitcards are issued then that will be much better for anybody …But maybe they will start only after couple of months..

    i will keep you update, as soon as the money get credited to my bank account


  7. Thank you very much shan for your well explained, definitely appreciate your reply. I’m from malaysia perhaps i will try to use asianpay to withdraw the paypal fund as this is the only solution i have seen to be legal (Even it is money-sucker abit for all the fees charges but atleast its is better than nothing) I dont feel good to keep large amount of money at paypal as i believe they take action without your prior notice anytime deducted any money from your account.

    I think it will be a little troublesome for malaysian withdraw fund from as it is thai base company of course there will be alot of procedures too.

    I sent an email to paypal ask regard to withdrawing, just received a response today well the same responsed i received a year ago….they tried very “hard” also give same explanation

    “due to the complexities of global finance,
    we cannot give a timetable for this expansion at this time.”

    sigh! hopefully ebay malaysia will try to push something to paypal do something about it.

    Thank you once again shan, any of your sharing experiences for this process is definitely appreciated.

  8. Hi, i’m Bush the US president.

    I know malaysia had a problem to traansfer their funds throungh their Paypal accounts. But, it not be longer, i will tell all those including president in Ebay to give a greenlight to do so!.

    So, stay tuned.

  9. Hi tony

    i got the money deposited into my bank account last week and now i have deposited another 500 dollars to asianpay and waiting for clearance…Yes i know keeping money in paypal is bit risky.. I myself got burned one time–not from paypal but from some hacker who hacked into my paypal and yahoo account and send all money for his various need. Luckily i got the money back after reporting paypal. But those guys who got my money–definitely bad luck for them…

    Anyway try your luck with asianpay.. Hope everything will work smoothly for you


  10. Hello all

    My last transaction of 500 dollars was completed last week itself.. I think you guys can try out this..seems decent one..

    TonY– Did you try asian pay to cashin your paypalbucks?.. Let me know the results


  11. Hello shan, thank you very much for sharing your experience with asianpay, however i have found a way to cash my fund from a local company here which they charge small amount of commission and giving 3.6 rate ( i think normal rate is about 3.77 in malaysia) from each amount of transfer. You dont need a any verfication other than your mobile.

    but the good news is, it took only matter of 2 hours once the paypal fund sent (instead of months from using asianpay)

    so far, so good, can be trusted as i have transfered more than US500 to maybank. however i still urged everyone to becareful. My advise is transfer a small rate first to test the wave.

    Also at another note, beware of paypal and customers you deal with lately, paypal have hold US200 from my account due to fraud from one of my iran customer. It took more than a month for them to investigate but i never get the money back, it was very simple explanation saying it is the best to re-fund the payment to him for a transaction 45 days old. When i contacted the iran customer, he told me his account was hold by paypal as well under investigation.

    So the money is gone forever to paypal i guess (or there may the possibilities the iranian lied). That is what i dont like about paypal management, they hold and take your money without your knowledge and the investigation is all on their own without listening to third party. not to mention a transaction made more than a month old.

    Anyway, thank you very much shan, Glad to hear you have sucessfully received your paypal fund.

  12. hello tony

    Glad to hear that, you found a method to get your paypal bucks..
    I think this one would be better for you…


  13. Hi Tony,

    I too have fund under Paypal’s custody. It is a very good news to me that you have successfully withdrawn money from your Paypal.

    I believe you used an online service. Could you provide a link? I have found a few wibsites that will do the transfer but I don’t feel comfortable to send money to them without any recommendation.


  14. HEY! Today I saw a website .It promise to accept paypal and issue debit card.It is tremendous service.But I am not sure about this website about its legacy.But if it works then it can solve many of our problems.Can anyone tell me about legacy of this website.Thanx

  15. What if we open the US account, have the ATM card send to us, then withraw $ from bank here in Malaysia? I am not sure about the charges, but if we use Cirrus at Singapore or Thailand, my Maybank charge me $12 per transaction, of course using their conversion rate also.

    So what if we use the US ATM card here, is it also like USD12? That will be a good solution. If it is like USD12, then to draw $200 it is about 6-10% with the conversion rate in consideration. :)


  16. What if we open a singapore maybank account to accept paypal and later on transfer from paypal to singapore account and then transfer to malaysian maybank? But do we need a singapore credit card? Or we just use our local maybank card?

  17. @malaysia football fan in paypal misery: during the ebay explained 2006, eBay (mother company of PayPal) promised to accept Malaysia bank accounts in late of 2007. But I do not give much hope on their promise though..

  18. hi liewcf

    i am a malaysian
    i registered my paypal account and tried to link and confirm my al-rajhi bank debit card ( international bank arab based). however paypal is unable to confirm it. when i contacted paypal customer service via email they replied that it was due to a wrong cvv2 number.

    to my knowledge a cvv2 number is a 3 digit no. written behind ur credit card/ debit card in black and white. i posses enough education to read it.

    i went to the the al-rajhi bank to enquire . they said that there should be no problems registering. mind you that all of this bank’s debit cards are online enabled upon application.

    the PROBLEM is :
    i cant even confirm my card
    I have tried another debit card from same bank and still cant be confirmed

  19. Hi, I need to transfre money to my friend in US. But have got difficulties when I use PayPal money transfer. It keep showing me I excess credit limit but I more cash in my 2 credit cards which I registed. Pls do help me………..

  20. LiewCF,

    Please refer to Jehan’s post on 17-06-2008. I have the same problem. This morning I applied and received my MayBank Visa Debit Card. When I wanted to link with my PayPal account it was rejected. Any solution?

  21. @Ainuddin Mohamad: I don’t think Maybank visa debit card is ready for online transaction yet. It said will be ready for online transaction in May 2008 but seems like it has been delayed.


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