PC Fair 2007, Golden Compass, Guang Liang

I am back from KL at Monday. I went to PC Fair 2007, watched the movie “Golden Compass“, and met some college friends.

PC Fair 2007 (3)

I went to the PC Fair with my brother and 2 college friends. We were quite disappointed.

No new gadgets, no new technology. No games, no lucky draws, no interesting activities, and no hot showgirls (opps!). It is more like year-end stock clearance sales.

The computer companies were focusing on sales of notebook and LCD monitors. The accessories sales are mostly notebook related such as portable hard disk, notebook cooler, etc. Also, wireless broadband services are everywhere in the PC Fair.

I bought 2 eneloop rechargeable battery by SANYO.

Golden Compass, the movie

I watched the Golden Compass movie with my brother at KLCC TGV cinema after the PC Fair. There was a long queue, luckily we booked the tickets the day before. “The one knows the tech, the one who skips the queue.” :P

We quite enjoyed the movie: the journey of a girl to save her friends, the secret of golden compass, the bear fight, the daemons, etc.

Although many people complain about the “to be continued” story, I think it is normal for a movie based on a thick book.

Afterall, the original book titled “His Dark Materials Trilogy“. So, expect 3 parts of the movie? :)

Golden CompassBy the way, my sister got a special edition of Golden compass clock at GSC cinema when watching the movie with her boyfriend. The clock looks nice but not a high quality product. Nice for collection, not good for daily use. I wonder if my sister would sell it on ebay or not?

His Dark Materials Trilogy (The Golden Compass; The Subtle Knife; The Amber Spyglass)

Met Guang Liang (光良)

光良 Sungei Wang (crop)Before I forget, my brother and I met Guang Liang (光良) the singer at Sungei Wang, after I bought a CD of Pin Guan (品冠), who is Guang Liang’s ex-partner.

He was there to promote his coming concert at Genting Highland. He looks so small size and unnoticeable in the crowd.

I suggested to my brother that we ask Guang Liang to sign Pin Guan’s CD and see what’s his reaction… OK, that’s a bad joke. We didn’t do it at the end. :P

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