Problogger LiewCF? What a Joke?!

Update: I resigned full time job and became a full time blogger!

bUttsH4k3r gave his opinion about my idea to become a ProBlogger.

this person said he has given some consideration about turning into a problogger. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but his very bold statement made me laugh.

Is the idea really that bold? Does he have any idea about how much I am earning now? Has he see my earning graph? :roll:

“I’m a pro blogger. i live off google adsense most of the time. If I’m lucky, I get a little bit more. Occasionally, people buy things I want off my Amazon wish list.”

Guess what, I told my friends about my way of earning money online and they are amazed! I think everyone like the idea about easy money. :lol:

LiewCF English is poor

Thank you, bUttsH4k3r. You are right. My English is poor, very poor. I knew my problem and working hard to improve (that’s why I blog in English). I read English, write in English, and try to talk in English…

By the way, I am proud of my Chinese. I always got Ace in exams. :mrgreen:

This is not the first time. Tomorrow.sg also mentioned about my English level when featuring my “target of earning profit online“.

I wish someone is willing to stand out and point out the grammar/spelling mistakes in my every post! Maybe I should give RM1 for every mistake you guys found find in my post? Good idea huh? ;)

I am glad to read some feedback about my ProBlogger idea and point out my mistakes. Thank you.

I must say that ProBlogging is not for everyone, just like not everyone can be a boss. Everyone has their life target and value.

I found my target and the path. I hope I will success succeed, and am working hard toward towards it.

Thanks to Leona, lucia and Jerry for grammer grammar(thanks, lucia) / spelling corrections.

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