Pocket (formerly Read It Later)

Read It Later is Now Better than Ever as “Pocket”

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Maria Rainier. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

Pocket (formerly Read It Later)

App lovers, take note of a significant change in the field of organizational apps. Read It Later, the hugely popular app designed to let users store articles, videos, images, and other media for later viewing is now called “Pocket“. The change occurred recently with the app’s latest update, giving what was previously Read It Later a decidedly fresh look that users should find greatly appealing. If you ever had any doubts about Read It Later, I recommend that you put them do rest because Pocket is the best thing in the business.

So what can you expect with Pocket?

The New and Improved

Pocket app screenshots
Pocket app screenshots

Pocket takes everything you loved about Read It Later and improves on it in every way. The new interface is easy to navigate and friendly for those unfamiliar with the app, with a built-in search and tagging feature that makes saving and categorizing your items much easier. Whereas Read It Later put the emphasis of their design on saving online articles and text-driven media, Pocket is much more diverse in its content. Pocket automatically sorts your saved items into different categories depending on the type of media: saved images go in one category, while saved videos, articles, and blog posts occupy their own space. This makes the overall process of sifting through your saved items much more pleasant.

As you probably know already, Pocket allows you to save interesting things you find on the web for later viewing across a wide array of devices. That means that you can use Pocket to save your favorite videos from YouTube or your favorite articles from Gizmodo on your phone, your tablet, and your desktop all at the same time. You can view your cache of saved materials whenever you want from any of your devices, with or without an internet connection. Your articles, photos, and videos can be viewed through Pocket using a custom layout that allows you to read content easily and without clutter.

The same apps and services that worked with Read It Later Still work with Pocket, including Pulse, Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard, and so on. You’ll find that Pocket is the missing piece in your online experience, giving you the necessary tools to save and read up on just about anything you come across while you browse the web.

What’s with free price?

Easily the best thing about Pocket is that it’s totally free. Before Pocket, you had to choose between a free version of Read It Later with annoying advertisements or a $2.99 version advertisement free. Pocket is free and without advertisements, so you can enjoy the wonderful app without any paying a penny. It’s unclear why such a service like Pocket is made to be completely free, but it will likely win them over more fans over the millions that already use what was formerly Read It Later.

So check out Pocket today and let me know how it works for you!

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