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Good news for all job seekers in Malaysia. Recruit.net, a popular vertical search engine for jobs, launched its Malaysian job search engine — malaysia.recruit.net

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About Recruit.net

Recruit.net is a vertical search engine for jobs in Web 2.0 style, which has received great reviews in blogsphere. It is not a job content, publishing and hosting site like JobsDB or Jobstreet. Recruit.net crawls the Internet for job information and index them in search database, in short, it is “Google for jobs”.

Why use Recruit.net?

Back to the time when I was seeking for a job, I spent a lot of time by visiting tons of recruitment websites and searching for jobs from each site. It was so Web 1.0 and time wasting.

Recruit.net is the job searching solution in Web 2.0 age. It is one-stop solution for your job search. You gain free access to millions of jobs from thousands of companies with just one click. Job seekers can also track new jobs via email alerts or RSS feeds.

If you register free Recruit.net account, you can record your job searches, manage alerts and upload resumes for employers to contact you directly.

At its new launch, currently Malaysia Recruit.net has 21,218 jobs listed, job seekers in Malaysia can now search and track all jobs in Malaysia with one easy search.

Review Malaysia Recruit.net

Malaysia Recruit.net job search
Image: Malaysia Recruit.net job search

At first glance, Malaysia Recruit.net has a fresh and clean design. A search box for keywords and location search. The search box is AJAX powered which return search suggestions as soon as you are typing. A list of top Malaysia cities with jobs count is under the search box.

Malaysia Recruit.net returns search suggestions
Image: Malaysia Recruit.net returns search suggestions

The searched keyword is highlighted in job search result. You can sort the jobs by best match or latest jobs first. The listing is a combination of many sources. On the left sidebar are the options to browse by companies, date, search suggestions, as well as recent searches.

Each job listing has a summary of job and a link to the company. There is a link to the original content page where you can apply for that particular position.

Malaysia Recruit.net job search result
Image: Malaysia Recruit.net job search result

Found a job that is suitable for your friend? You can email it to your friend directly from the jobs listing. The “Research company” links under More Options allows you to get more information about a company and avoid job listing scam.

My two cents

If you are looking for a new job, I highly recommend Malaysia Recruit.net (or, Recruit.net for non-Malaysian). Job searching is an easy job with Recruit.net. Try it and tell them what do you think.

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