Shopify Creates Online Shop in Minutes

Shopify Creates Online Shop in MinutesYou want to sell your stuff online but do not how to create a website? Worse, you have limited budget. You might want to try Shopify, a free web service to create online shop for you in minutes.

My Shopify online shop created in minutes
My Shopify online shop created in minutes

Once signing up with Shopify, you can start creating your online shop. It is very easy to use, I created my shopify shop (demo only) in a matter of minutes.

shopify readymade theme designShopify has prepared high quality ready-made themes for your online shop. Changing theme for your online shop is just a few clicks. Zero HTML knowledge!

Shopify support many payment methods. You can use merchant account for credit card payment, PayPal, or manual payments.

Did I tell you that you can use your own domain name for Shopify shop?

Shopify is free, sure?

Setting up your Shopify online shop is FREE. No signup and monthly fees. However, Shopify charges a 3% commission on successful product sales. If your monthly sales is more than $10,000 then only 2% commission will be charged.

Update (March 19, 2011): No more free plan. Check the latest plans and pricing.

My two cents

Overall, I think Shopify is good for non-technical person with a limited budget who want to make an online shop. The beautiful themes make every Shopify shop looks professional. Best of all, it is free! You only pay a small commission when you get sales.

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10 thoughts on “Shopify Creates Online Shop in Minutes”

  1. I’m not sure it’s only me or what, but this loads rather slow on my side. Anyone else? Anyway the site looks very cool.

    I’m still looking forward for their payment options, allowed merchandise, chargeback dispute etc.

  2. they take care of the payment linkage, etc also? if they do, then it is even better, cause any lay person do not know much about setting up online payment, etc..

  3. Shopify installation is considered to be in demo mode and checkout is disabled. To activate Shopify checkout you need to supply a credit card.

  4. Yien Bin:
    Mine having the same problem. It even failed to load at first attempt.

    I wish to use osCommerce at my website at first but found installing is more difficult than Zencart. Hence i have giveup…. no idea how good is osCommerce. So far to me, zencart is great! :)

  5. i was with shopify for a few months and I switched over to a few weeks ago.

    We do about $15-20k / month in sales and shopify is limited on their features for serious ecommerce merchants. My customers were complaining about the slow servers at shopify–they must have 500 customers on a server or something (50-100 is more ideal). The sales rep at corecommerce told me they use rackspace–which is a VERY SOLID, premium hosting company–so far I am very pleased.


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