Simple Guides To Install MovableType 3.0

I am installing MovableType(MT) 3.0 for Strawroot on her weblog –

Her current MT blog is “borrowing” MT application which installed on Meaning, her hosting account does not has MT installed.

There is security problem and since MT3.0 has many improved features, we decided to upgrade her blog to MT3.0. The official installation documentation is VERY long and somehow quite confusing. Here I write a simplier MT installation process for my own reference and anyone who dislike reading. ;)

Let’s begin the installation!

Note: replace all CAPITAL values with your own setting.


  • You have basic knowledge of FTP client and know set file permission.
  • MT will use MySQL as database.
  • MT will installed into
  • Your blog is
  • It is your own blog and only one author – you.


  • BACKUP! Backup your current MT posts. Use MT’s export feature.
  • Download and upzip MT 3.0 installation pack
  • Create a new database for MT blog.
  • Create a directory named “mt
  • Create a directory named “archives” and set permission to 777
  • Create a directory named “import” and upload the backup file(see first point) into it.

Ready? We are going to start MT installation now.

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