3 Ways to Share 3G Mobile Broadband Connection with Multiple Users and Devices

Share mobile broadband

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Shannen D. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

There is no doubt we have all become hooked on the internet. Smartphones, 3G and Wi-Fi are all common terms that no one thinks twice about. In fact, with greater and greater connectivity through the mobile network more and more people are switching to mobile broadband through dongles, or their phones, for their primary access to the online world.

However, the problem with this sea change is the limitation of a 3G mobile broadband connection to one device. Not everyone is a broadband expert and can often be defeated by the technical intricacies when they want to connect more than one piece of kit, be it a games console, laptop, or PC to mobile broadband.

The truth is, though, there are a few simple steps to take that will make this transition an easy one. It is worth mentioning that this may not be the perfect solution for everyone.

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Should You Buy Maxis iPhone?

maxis iphone 3gMaxis, one of the primary telco in Malaysia, launched Apple iPhone 3G for Malaysians at last Friday (March 20, 2009). Should you get an iPhone now? Let’s see.

Currently, Maxis is the only telco in Malaysia that offers iPhone but it might get other competitors after June 2009 (via twitter).

iValue Plans

Maxis created 8 iPhone 3G plans called iValue Plans which have a contract from 12 month to 24 month. The iPhone 3G phone (8GB) price is from FREE to RM1900.

All iValue Plans included data usage of 500MB to 3GB per month. iValue Plans have more expensive voice rate and SMS charge than Maxis Value Plus Plans. Value Plus Plan is 5 cents for a SMS while iValue Plans is 10 cents for each.

Is iPhone 3G for you?

Besides all the attracting features of Apple iPhone 3G, it also has some disadvantages and lacks of some features:

  • Cannot blind typing on iPhone because of its smooth touch screen surface.
  • Cannot type on iPhone with one hand because your thumb is not long enough.
  • Cannot forward funny/interesting SMS by friend to other friends, because iPhone does not support SMS forward.
  • Cannot transfer files via iPhone bluetooth because its bluetooth does not support it.
  • Cannot Copy & Paste text.
  • Does not support MMS.
  • Does not support Video Recording.
  • No flash on camera
  • Speaker is not loud enough.
  • Cannot replace build-in battery.
  • Does not support Flash animation on website.

iPhone OS 3.0

Don’t mind all these disadvantages and lacked functions? All right. But, you should wait a little while more before rushing to get your iPhone 3G now.

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Celcom Home, Hop and Away Broadband Plan

Celcom home, hop and away broadband package

While TMNet announced the Streamyx Combo package, Celcom (TMNet’s sister company) also launched the “Home, Hop & Away” plan, which combines Celcom 3G and Streamyx broadband services. With the broadband plan, you can enjoy high speed Internet connectivity at home and when you travel.

What is “Home, Hop & Away” package?

“Home, Hop & Away” package is a combination of Streamyx 1.0Mbps (free ADSL modem) + Celcom Broadband Basic (up to 384kbps). Current promotion price is RM108 per month, which RM48 cheaper than subscribing the 2 services separately.

Package sign up can be done at any Celcom branch or TMPoint in Malaysia. The package is open for existing Streamyx/Celcom subscribers too.

Notes about “Home, Hop & Away” broadband package

  • The minimum subscription period for the package is 18 months. During the minimum subscription period, you are not allowed to terminate or change the package to other Streamyx or Celcom broadband packages.
  • If you are to terminate the Home, Hop & Away subscription before 18 months, you would need to pay RM350 of penalty charge.
  • The SIM card provided is dedicated to Internet services only, no voice or SMS services.
  • Fair Usage Policy at 5GB per month for Celcom Broadband. If you exceed the 5GB allocation, Celcom reserves the right to lower down your bandwidth speed.
  • 3G SIM card modem is NOT included. It costs few hundreds bucks for one.

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