Review: Maxis BlackBerry Storm Smartphone

It’s my honor to be invited by Maxis to the BlackBerry Storm Preview. I got a chance to play BlackBerry Storm in my hands and it’s the 1st time I touched a BlackBerry phone. Is BlackBerry Storm for you?

Review BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm Smartphone

The BlackBerry Storm has a big display like Apple iPhone. The size is just nice to fit in my palm. It is heavier (155 grams) than my Nokia N95 but I like the sturdy-feeling of the phone. The display automatically changes to landscape when you rotate it.

The touch screen of Storm is “clickable”. You “touch” to select a menu on the display, then “press” to confirm/execute it. This is the world’s first “clickable” touch screen, which you can’t get on other touch screen phone.

I like the display clicking but it also means I will leave more noticeable fingerprints on it.

BlackBerry Storm SmartphoneBlackBerry Storm Smartphone

The video playback on Storm is smooth. Volume is loud enough. It has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack for your own headset.

BlackBerry Storm Smartphone Bug?!Somehow, I crashed the media player while testing it. The media player buttons just refused to get away from the bottom of the screen. The crew had to reset the device to get it work properly again.

BlackBerry Storm has 3.5G, bluetooth, GPS but does NOT support WiFi. That surprised me and feeling disappointed.

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