WordPress 2.6 and New Features

WordPressWordPress 2.6 has been released (download)The new version of WordPress includes some new features and improvements, such as post revisions, posting bookmarklet, theme preview and as well as support of Google Gears.

WordPress did a video tour of WordPress 2.6 to help you understand the new features:


What’s new in WordPress 2.6?

Post revisions — ever miss the editing records of your blog post? WordPress 2.6 now included the wiki-like tracking for blog edits. It allows you to view who made what changes when to any post or page through a super-easy interface.

Blogging bookmarklet — drag the “Press This” bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark bar. Then, whenever you see something interesting to blog about, just click on the bookmarklet. It will load a minimized version of WordPress editor which allows to blog different content: text, photo, quote, and video, instantly. It is very much like the Tumblr and allows you to create a tumbleblog-like mini blog site.

Google Gears — WordPress 2.6 supports Google Gears to preload WordPress javascripts and CSS files to boost the loading speed to a few seconds faster. Supported web browsers are Firefox and Internet Explorer. You need to active Gears for each computer and each browser, their copies are standalone.

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My 1st Talk @ 3rd Webmaster Malaysia Gathering

After being quiet for a very…very… long time on my blog, I quietly attended the 3rd Webmaster Malaysia Gathering held at The Apartment,The Curve. It was fully sponsored by Exabytes.

I attended the same gathering last year. This time, I was invited to give a talk. My 1st public talk. (Thank you, Lim CS)

LiewCF is giving his 1st public talk
LiewCF is giving his 1st public talk(photo by Eddie Law)

My presentation is about myself, a pro-blogger. How did I get started as a fulltime blogger and shared some blogging tips. It was a short talk that took around 15 mins only.

Here is the slides I used in my presentation (created by Google Docs):

Also viewable at http://tinyurl.com/6n3z2e

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WordPress 2.5 Errors and Solutions

WordPressWordPress 2.5 has been released at March 29. 2008. Many bloggers had install it as soon as it has been released. However, there are many negative feedback and bugs discovered. At the same time, WordPress.org also changed a new look.

I upgraded two WordPress blogs to version 2.5 after its release. The upgrade process is smooth and problem-free. Themes and plugins are working fine. Generally, it works great but with some errors/bugs.

Missing Visual Editor

WordPress 2.5 has a nice Visual Editor but it does not work if your web server has compression enabled (yes, for mine).

WordPress 2.5: Missing Visual Editor

The editor area does not display the beautiful buttons of Visual Editor even you have it enabled at WordPress User Profile. Clicking the “HTML” tag does not have any response because it is already “HTML” mode even the “Visual” tag appears selected.

By right, the Visual Editor should looks like following screenshot:

WordPress 2.5: Visual Editor

Luckily, I found the solution on WordPress Support Forum. All you need to do is disable the visual editor (TinyMCE) compression setting by editing the “tiny_mce_config.php” file. Or, you can easily install the small plugin called “Testing TinyMCE” to fix the problem.

Thanks to azzaozz for the solution!

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The 3,000th Blog Post

This is the 3,000th blog post of LiewCF.com.


The 1st blog post on this site was published at March 8th, 2004, exactly 4 years ago. It is hard to believe that I have published 3000 blog posts here.

As far as I can remember, I started blogging at 2003. Later, switched to current domain name and changed hosting due to web server failure.

The blog is growing up with me in the past years. From unknown to popular; From not making any cent to making handsome money. I am glad that I didn’t give up blogging. :)

I also shared a lot of my stories here. If you know how to dig them out, you will be stunned by the information/stories I shared in the past. They are my history and the best way to know me.

Of course, I must say “Thank You” to you all. Thanks for your continuous support.

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Making Money While I was Not Blogging

I am a fulltime blogger but I was away for a long time and didn’t update my blog at all. Did it affect my online revenue? Not really. In fact, I am still getting the same amount of money while I am doing nothing. Dream job, right?

adsense earning when no blog update

The above is part of the line chart of my AdSense earning for the days while I was away(6th – 27th Feb). The total earning for each day might look vary a lot, but the average earning is same as the normal days.

How about the site traffic? Just like the AdSense earning, there is not much different on site traffic while I was away. The site is still getting same amount of pageviews even I was not blogging.

LiewCF.com traffic for Feb 2008

The above graph is generated by Google Analytics for LiewCF.com during the away period. As you see, It is a stable straight line throughout the days.

No update, but still getting the same traffic and money. Isn’t it great?

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