Tech Czar Blog Network

Recently, LiewCF Tech Blog joined Tech Czar Blog Network. You might have noticed the Tech Czar header at the top of the blog with 10 country flags. Each flag represent the language of the country. Clicking the flag will get the page in the selected language.

Tech Czar Blog Network

I always wanted to make my blog contents available in different languages but no auto translation services are accurate enough to be read by human. Tech Czar team translate the blog posts by human to ensure the accuracy of translated content. All translated versions are hosted by Tech Czar.

Software: “iTranslate”

The availability of blog posts in various languages would probably increase the readership. The other Malaysian blogger who joined Tech Czar Blog Network is FriedBeef and he already got paid!

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10 Reasons To Blog With Mac

Guest blogging by hongkiat. If you like this entry, subscribe my feed.

I’m a 7 month old Mac user but the satisfaction it gives me makes me hate being Windows user for more than 1 decade. I personally think it’s pretty fair why Mac machines or Apple product are slight more expensive than the rest. For long run sake and user experience, they are really worth it. I personally own iPod touches, iPhone, Macbook and several Apple accessories I have to say they pretty much communicates (sync and connects) with each other very well and let’s not forget the nice and sleek designs.

As a blogger, Mac has efficiently help me in may ways. I’ll sum them up in 10 reasons why you should be blogging with Mac. Full list after jump.


Terminals are great tool and they comes with Mac OS. This light SSH application helps you easily connect to your blog web account, doing tasks like backups, reboot server, edit files. It even does FTP so you don’t need an extra FTP application.

Group and view by application type

In Windows you can group applications of the same kind together in toobar but it just gives you a list view when you click over it. In Mac, you don’t have to group them manually. On any active application window, just hit "F10" and it will show you all application-of-the-same-kind. For example if you have 3 images opened in Photoshop, just go to one and hit F10, you’ll see the all 3 as overall. Simple click on any and that will make it the current-active. Pretty convenient if you swap from files to files.


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Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

Finally, I have upgraded to WordPress version 2.3.2 from version 2.2.x, after WordPress 2.3 released over 100 days.

It was a smooth upgrade. This time I deleted the WordPress (WP) files before upgrading. Previously, I only replace the WordPress files. The oldest WP file I have was “wp.php”(16 Mac 2006), which is a simplified version of WP index file. ;)

After upgrading WordPress, I need to update the plugins I used. I like the plugin update notification of WP2.3. I updated 3/4 of my plugins.

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