HOW TO: Keep Your Customers Coming Back To Your Online Shop

This is a guest post by Neil. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

The goal of any online shop site is to sell. The goal for any online shop store owner is to sell more and the goal of the marketing department is get to get more people to the site. So that is all pretty straight forward so far, everybody knows what they have to do and everybody knows what the end goal is–sell more.

This is where things prove to get a little more difficult, a very small percentage of your traffic will buy from you on their first visit to your site, and some reports claim that online shop sites need to interact with potential clients anything up to seven times before they can secure a sale. This can prove very difficult for an online shop that is selling merchandise that is available on countless other sites and has nothing new and interesting to offer. How can we make people interested enough to keep them coming back to our sites?

The Stickiness of your online shop can prove vital if you want to continue to drive sales both from new and old customers. How can you make your online shop compelling and attractive enough so that customers will continue to return time and time again?

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How to Withdraw PayPal Money to Any Malaysia Bank Accounts?

PayPalFor Malaysians. Thanks to PayPal support for Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). Now you can withdraw PayPal money directly to any Malaysia local bank accounts!

Read on to find out how to do that.

A bit background…

In 2004, PayPal starts to accept Malaysian registrations. No withdrawal options for Malaysians that time.

3 years later, 2007, PayPal allows Malaysians to withdraw PayPal money to their credit card, debit card, or prepaid cards.

2 years later, in the middle of October 2009, PayPal started to support Malaysia Ringgit currency and updated the user policy (paypal login required).

Shortly after, the end of October 2009, PayPal officially allows PayPal money withdrawal to Malaysia bank accounts! A feature that we have waited for 6 years!

What’s the big deal?

Now, Malaysians can send & receive PayPal money in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) currency, and withdraw PayPal money to local bank accounts!

Meaning, you can sell your stuff online and let PayPal handle the payment transactions, local or International! It truly opens a new door to Malaysia e-commerce business!

Note: Malaysians still cannot top-up their PayPal accounts from their bank accounts.

How to add Malaysia bank account to PayPal?

  1. Login your PayPal account. Under “My Account” tab, click “Profile” then click “Add/Edit Bank Account“.
  2. At the new page “Add a bank account in Malaysia“. You need to fill in your name, bank name, bank routing code, and your bank account number.

    add malaysia bank account to PayPal

    Updated: Don’t need to worry about the fixed “Surname” in the form. Just make sure your full name is included. The name’s arrangement (Surname Name or Name Surname) doesn’t matter. Click here for more information.

    Tip: click on the “Details” link to find out your bank’s routing code

  3. After you are done, you will be asked to review the details. Click “Add Bank Account” button if everything is correct.
  4. You are done!

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US Bank Account is Required to Receive PayPal Money?

Recently, it has come to Malaysians’ attention that PayPal required US Bank Account before we can accept PayPal money. According to official PayPal reply, the error maybe caused by system maintenance.

Yesterday, I sent some PayPal money to my friend with a verified non-US PayPal account but he cannot accept the money. PayPal required him to “add a bank account”.

Previously, he could accept PayPal money without adding a bank account by choosing the “Accept but don’t add bank account” option. From the screenshot of his PayPal account, it looks like PayPal had removed the option:

PayPal requires US Bank Account
Image: Cannot accept PayPal money without adding a US Bank account

I wrote to PayPal regarding the issue but did not get a useful reply. In order to dig the information for my readers ;) , I wrote another email to PayPal and got another reply shortly after.

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Shopify Creates Online Shop in Minutes

Shopify Creates Online Shop in MinutesYou want to sell your stuff online but do not how to create a website? Worse, you have limited budget. You might want to try Shopify, a free web service to create online shop for you in minutes.

My Shopify online shop created in minutes
My Shopify online shop created in minutes

Once signing up with Shopify, you can start creating your online shop. It is very easy to use, I created my shopify shop (demo only) in a matter of minutes.

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PayPal Replies to Malaysia Member

After I posted “PayPal Accept Malaysian“, many users found that eventhough they can send fund into their account but they are unable to withdraw money from PayPal account.

Many asked, “How to withdraw money?”. For the question, I send an email to PayPal and got their reply.

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