Facebook App for iOS: Now You Can Share Post to FB Pages, Groups, Message

Facebook for iOS: post sharing options
Facebook for iOS: post sharing options
Facebook for iOS: post sharing options

Facebook didn’t tell you this. Now you can share FB posts to friend’s timeline, Pages, Groups and in Facebook message.

While reviewing an Android smartphone last week, I realize that Facebook app for Android support sharing posts to Facebook Pages. As a Facebook Page admin, it is the feature I always want to have in Facebook app for iOS!

Seriously, the feature alone made me – a long time iPhone user – tempting to switch to Android platform.

Thanks to Facebook app development team. They have quietly added the feature in the recent updated Facebook app for iOS version 6.0. The new Facebook app adds Chat Heads, stickers, and redesign news feed.

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What Facebook does not tell you about the new Facebook app for iOS is that now you have more ways to share a post in news feed.

When you tap on the “share” text underneath a post, you get 3 share options:

  1. Share Now: instantly share the particular post to your default friend list.
  2. Edit and Share: allows you to add your own message and share to own timeline, friend’s timeline, group, and your FB pages.
  3. Send in Message: will send the post to your selected friend(s) via Facebook message.
Facebook for iOS: change post sharing destination
Facebook for iOS: change post sharing destination

Edit and Share share to your own timeline by default. Tap “On your own timeline” to share the post to other places (friend’s timeline, fb group, fb page). You will asked to type the name of the destination.

Do you like the new sharing feature? Tell us what you think in the comment below.

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