Klipsch X7i (White) In-ear Headphones Review, Giveaway, Promote Codes

Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones package
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones package
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones package

Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones is part of Klipsch X-series premium range of earphones with hand polished ceramic design and patented oval ear tips. Does Klipsch X7i worth your investment for better music listening experience?

This review is made possible by Tat Chuan Acoustic (TCA), Klipsch authorized resellers in Southeast Asia. The company is also generously giveaway the review unit.

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Klipsch X7i is nicely packaged in a way to display the beautiful shinny hand polished ceramic in-ear headphones.

However, the packaging is so complicated – you can never pack it back – that I took 5 minutes to unbox it without using a knife. It comes with 2-year warranty, just in case.

Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones package
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones package

The thick paper box at the bottom contains another 4 different-sized ear tips, a clothing clip, airplane adaptor (surprise!), a earphones pouch (sweet!), product information (piece of card), and safety information.

Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones

Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones ceramic design is sleek and elegance. It should be more durable because of the material used. I like the clicking sound when the headphones bump together.

Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones 3-button remote
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones 3-button remote

Designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, X7i has a 3-button remote for music and voice controls. The protrusion buttons are easy to reach and press down.

The headphone cable is longer than ordinary headphones. It uses flat cable design that do not easily get tangled.


In-ear headphones is not my personal choice – I do not feel comfortable to have something stuck in my earholes.

However, I do not have problem with Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones. Thanks to its patented oval comfort fit ear tips. It is comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones oval ear tips
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones oval ear tips

There are a total of 5 ear tips in different sizes and shapes to suit your ears. Changing ear tips is as easy as pulling and plugging.

Klipsch X7i sound quality is GREAT! I tested it with different genre music: pop, hip-hop, R&B, rock… The mids and treble are crisp and clear. Voices is so real that it feels like the singer is singing beside you!

However, X7i has relatively weak bass, not to mention bass bomb. If you are a heavy-bass person then you may want to look for other headphones.

Photo gallery

Specs & Price

Here’s Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones specs:

  • Frequency response: 10Hz – 19kHz
  • Sensitivity: 110 db
  • Nominal impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Drive components: Full Range KG 623X7
  • Noise isolation: (–29db)
  • Input connections: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 16 grams

Price: SGD$329 (~RM835)


Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones is high-end headphones with thoughtful package – clothing clip, airplane adaptor, long flat cable, oval ear tip.

The ceramic design is very beautiful and durable at the same time. The sound quality is one of the best I tried.

Unless you love heavy bass, Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones is worth to invest in for better music listening experience.

The Good

  • beautiful design
  • Attentive package
  • great music and voice quality

The Bad

  • not enough bass
  • piggybank breaker

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Understanding Intel Bay Trail Processor Family for 2-in-1, Tablets, Notebooks and Desktops

San Francisco Bay Trail in Hayward Regional Shoreline
San Francisco Bay Trail in Hayward Regional Shoreline
San Francisco Bay Trail in Hayward Regional Shoreline (Image credit: Wikipedia)

When you read “Bay Trail” on tech sites or magazines, they are not talking about the San Francisco Bay Trail nor the Bay Trail in Melbourne.

Tech editors are referring to the Intel’s latest system-on-a-chip (SoC) processor family, codenamed “Bay Trail”.

Bay Trail is Intel’s most powerful processor to date for tablets and other mobile devices that provide balance of performance, features and battery life.

Bay Trail has 3 variants targeting different product segments: Bay Trail-T, Bay Traiy-M, Bay Trail-D.

You will learn about the features of each Bay Trail variant in this article.

Bay Trail-T: Intel Atom Z3000 series

Bay Trail-T is now know as the Intel Atom Processor Z3000 Series (Z3770, Z3740). It is Intel’s most capable, high-performance SoC to-date for tablets and 2-in–1 device.

Build on 22nm microarchitecture, Intel Atom Z3000 is high performance yet low power consumption, up to 10 hours battery life. The SoC includes Intel Burst Technology 2.0 with 4 cores 4 threads and 2MB L2 cache.

Build-in Intel HD Graphics support resolution up to 2560×1600, dual displays, and Intel Wireless Display. DirectX 11 is supported for your gaming experience.

The highlight? Intel Atom Z3000 series (Bay Trail-T) supports both Windows 8 and Android operating systems – First in mobile platform solution.

Don’t be surprise when you see a slim and light Windows+Android device!

Bay Trail-M: Intel Pentium and Celeron for Mobile

Bay Trail-M line available in 4 SKU: Intel Pentium N3510, Intel Celeron N2910, N2810, and N2805 processors.

Bay Trail-M ability to power detachable & convertible devices, touch-enabled notebooks at lower price range. Starting from USD$199 for clamshell device (notebook), USD$250 for touch-enabled notebook and USD$349 for 2-in–1 device.

Comparing to previous Pentium and Celeron processors, Intel claims that Bay Trail-M has up to 3x faster performance in productivity applications and up to 3x graphic improvement. The battery life is up to 8 hours.

Bay Trail-D: Intel Pentium and Celeron for Desktops

Bay Trail-D available in 3 SKU: Intel Pentium J2850, Intel Celeron J1850, and Intel Celeron J1750.

They are Intel’s smallest-ever package for desktop processors. It is up to 3x faster performance than previous processors.

The ability to support fanless designs, make it ideal for small form factor entry-level desktop computer and intelligent digital displays.

System running on Bay Trail D will start at USD$199.

Intel Bay Trail family in a glance

Now you know the different Bay Trail family members (T, M, D):

Intel Bay Trail family
Intel Bay Trail family
  • Bay Trail-T (Intel Atom Z) has best performance, used in 2-in–1 and tablets. Support Windows and Android.
  • Bay Trail-M (Pentium & Celeron N) is for entry-level notebook.
  • Bay Trail-D (Pentium & Celeron J) is for entry-level small form factor and desktop.

Any questions? Please ask in comment below.


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Review & Giveaway: STM Small Alley 13″ Laptop Shoulder Bag

STM Small Alley 13" Laptop Shoulder Bag
STM Small Alley 13" Laptop Shoulder Bag
STM Small Alley 13″ Laptop Shoulder Bag

STM Small Alley 13″ MacBook bag is a compact and slim shoulder laptop bag, which can carry two laptops, iPad, and many pockets for accessories. Read on for my review and giveaway.


I know STM Small Alley is, well, small but its compact size still surprised me when I unbox it. Its thickness is only like a pizza box!

The laptop bag is light and the material is high-density nylon and polyester webbing for water resistant.

The padded shoulder pad is comfortable to wear and it is easily removable. The handle is also foam padded, make you comfortable to carry the bag around.

STM Small Alley has two laptop spaces in 1 bag. The official description says it fits 11“ and 13” MacBook Air. I managed to fit in a 14“ laptop (not ulrabook) and a 11.6” Samsung Chromebook.

STM Small Alley 13" Laptop Shoulder Bag
STM Small Alley 13″ Laptop Shoulder Bag – fit in A4 file folder, Chromebook, and 14″ laptop

There is a big front padded slip pocket which can fit A4 size documents or your tablet computer.

STM Small Alley shoulder bag has a total of 3 zip pockets: at the bag cover, at the bag’s back, on top of slip pocket.

There’s still a small pocket to keep your pens and small notes.

STM Small Alley 13" Laptop Shoulder Bag
STM Small Alley 13″ Laptop Shoulder Bag with many pockets

With so many pockets and compartments, STM Small Alley shoulder bag gives you loads of space for your stationery, cables, adapters, power bank, documents, etc – yet, still keep a slim, compact, stylish look.

I am 179 cm tall and the picture below demo STM Small Alley bag size when I carry it.

LiewCF demo STM Small Alley 13" laptop shoulder bag
LiewCF demo STM Small Alley 13″ laptop shoulder bag

Photo gallery

LiewCF’s Buying Advice

I am not fan of small laptop bag but I like STM Small Alley 13″ laptop shoulder bag. I would use it when I want to travel light and comfort.

It definitely looks good whether you are going to school or work.

Pro: compact and stylish, good quality, two laptop spaces.

Con: I would like it to carry a water bottle, too. (greedy!)

Rate: 5 out of 5

Unfortunately, this bag is discontinued on GearZap online store, but you can also check out other 13″ cases at GearZap.

Free Giveaway!

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Free Office 365 Home Premium Giveaway (5 Copies) [ENDED]

Office 365 Home Premium giveaway
Office 365 Home Premium giveaway
Office 365 Home Premium giveaway

One day Microsoft Malaysia contacted me and say “we would like to work with you to give away our new Office 365 Home Premium to your readers!”. That’s great! I love to host giveaway contests!

Here you are. I have 5 copies of Office 365 Home Premium licenses (1-year subscription, worth RM250) to giveaway. Read on to find out how to win!

Office 365 Home Premium

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium is your complete Office in the cloud. The subscription-based office suite includes every Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publishers, Access), 20GB SkyDrive, and free Skype call minutes. Plus, 1 license can install Office 365 Home Premium on up to 5 PC.

SEE ALSO: Understanding New Microsoft Office for Home Users: Office 365 vs Office 2013

How to win giveaway?

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CollageIt Pro Photo Collage Maker Review and License Codes Giveaway

CollageIt Pro collage output sample
CollageIt Pro collage output sample
sample of CollageIt Pro collage export – food I ate in Nanning (click to enlarge)

Have you ever want to create photo collage to showcase your photos of a vacation, wedding, special events and print them as photo album and poster?

To make a photo collage using an image editor, you need to add photos, then rotate and crop the photos. You may also want to add photo border, shadow, and background too. Not everyone can master the skills!

CollageIt Pro is an easy-to-use photo collage maker for Mac and Windows which help you to create beautiful picture collages with just a few clicks. The software cost you $19.90 but LiewCF has 20 license codes (Windows & Mac) to give away!

CollageIt Pro review

Free CollageIt can download at here but the free version has some limitations such as: adds non-removable CollageIt watermark, cannot crop image, cannot export large size collage. The CollageIt Pro (USD$19.90) unlock the limitations.

I have 20x CollageIt Pro license codes to give away at the end of this article!

At launch, CollageIt Pro display a template chooser where you can select the basic template you want for your collage.

CollageIt Pro templates
CollageIt Pro templates

After select template, the main windows is where you create your collage image.

The left-hand side column is photo list where you can add photos to be used in the collage, either click Add button or drag-and-drop photos into it. The center shows the live collage preview as soon as photos are added.

CollageIt Pro screenshot
CollageIt Pro screenshot (click to enlarge)

Right-hand side column are the settings for layout and photo. You can set the collage space and margin, rotation and sparse can be auto or manual. You can also add photo frame and shadow for images in the collage.

You can crop particular image in the collage (CollageIt Pro only) but you cannot reposition the image in its frame.

CollageIt Pro does not allow image editing, such as adjust image brightness, contrast, levels, etc. Also, as you may noticed in header image of this article above that some images are upside down, CollageIt Pro cannot rotate images to correct the orientation.

At the bottom of the main window, you get buttons for template chooser, page setup, background setting, random layout, photo shuffle, and collage export.

CollageIt Pro can export picture collages into different formats: JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, PDF, PSD. It can also upload collages to Flickr and Facebook, send as email or set as wallpaper.

CollageIt Pro export options
CollageIt Pro export options

Watch the CollageIt Pro introduction video below:

Giveaway: CollageIt Pro license code

Free CollageIt is free but with limitations. CollageIt Pro (USD$19.90) unlock the following features:

  • remove watermark
  • crop image
  • export large size collage (more than 2000×2000 pixels)

PearlMountain Technology generously giveaway 20 CollageIt Pro serial keys (12 for Windows, 8 for Mac) each worth USD$19.90 to LiewCF Tech Blog readers.

Simply choose one key for your operating system (Windows or Mac) to register your copy of CollageIt Pro. If the key is invalid, means that the key has been registered. Please try another key.

Grab your FREE CollageIt PRO license code at below:


Download CollageIt

12 License Codes for Windows:

8 License Codes for Mac:


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