Download: Google Chrome 4.0 with Extensions

Google Chrome 4.0 stable [Windows] has been released and supports extensions.

google chrome extensions
Google Chrome extensions

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The extensions are little programs to add functionality to your web browser. The addons for Firefox is the same concept.

Visit Google Chrome extension gallery to find and install the ones that interest you.

Unlike Mozilla Firefox, install and uninstall Chrome extensions do not need to restart web browser. Great! You can view and manage the extensions settings by clicking on the “Tools” menu and select “Extensions”.

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How To Get Indexed by Google in 1 Day

You have a new website and you want it to be popular as soon as possible. So, your website need to be found by people. How? Your website needs to be indexed by search engines, especially Google.

Michael Jensen shared his experience to get a new website indexed by Google in 1 Day, without spending any cent on AdWords. Here are the steps:

  1. Create 5 pages of content.
  2. Use a simple template with site-wide links. Linked from a relevant site that you owned.
  3. Tagged the new site on social bookmarking sites.
  4. Commented in forum, put the URL in a specific niche web directory, and submit to Digg.
  5. Install Google Analytics
  6. Create and submit sitemap to Google Webmaster Central. Ping Google, and put the sitemap URL in “robots.txt”.

Michael checked his new site exactly 24 hours later and it has been indexed!

Tips: For WordPress users, you can use the Google XML Sitemap plugin for the jobs in Step #6

“SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible”

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Google Video Improved: No Video Player Needed

google video thumbnailGoogle has improved its Google Video service by eliminating the need for users to download software to play back videos, the Mountain View, California-based company has announced.

The service’s videos now play within a Web browser without the need for additional software, says Peter Chane, senior business product manager for Google Video.

Moreover, the previously Windows-only playback service is now available to users whose PCs run the Linux and Mac OS operating systems.

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