How-To: Fix iMessage Bug that Prevent Android Phone Receiving SMS

Deregister iMessage
Deregister iMessage
Deregister iMessage

Last year I switch my smartphone from iPhone 4S to HTC One M8 (read my review here) and I never look back since then. I am a happy Android phone user now and I do not miss iPhone.

There was an “iMessage bug” that puzzle me for some time, though. Ever since I switched to Android phone, I no longer receive SMS or text message sent from other contacts who are using iPhone. All their messages were still sent to my old iPhone.

Apple recommends you to turn off iMessage before switch to a non-Apple phone following steps below:

  1. Put SIM card into your (old) iPhone
  2. Goto Settings.
  3. Tap Messages.
  4. Turn iMessage ‘off’. Go back to Settings.
  5. Tap FaceTime.
  6. Turn FaceTime ‘off’. Exit Settings.

It will take sometimes for the settings to take effect. Some users reported that the trick does not work. Also, what if you no longer have your iPhone (sold or lost)?

Starting from November 2014, Apple has a dedicated page to Deregister iMessage for those ex-iPhone users to deregister from iMessage.

deregister iMessage phone number
deregister iMessage phone number

Simply enter your phone number, then enter the confirmation code send to your phone number via SMS. It will then deregister your number from iMessage.

After deregistration, other iPhone users will send text messages to you as SMS, which you can receive on a non-iPhone phone.

Visit Deregister iMessage

21 New Features of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Compare to iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now official. Besides the bigger phone sizes, what are new about iPhone 6 comparing to iPhone 5S? Read on to learn about all the new iPhone 6 features.

(If not specified, “iPhone 6” in this article is referring to both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models)

Hardware & Design

iPhone 6 design
iPhone 6 design
  1. iPhone 6 is powered by latest and fastest Apple 64-bit A8 chip with M8 motion coprocessor for even better performance.
  2. Available in 3 different storage size: 16GB, 64GB and new 128GB. 32GB option is no longer available.

  3. iPhone 6 is Apple’s biggest smartphone ever. iPhone 6 is 4.7″ display and 5.5″ for iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6 Plus is also the first iPhone with Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels at 401 ppi), or Retina HD as Apple preferred.

4. Dual Domain Pixels for wider viewing angle. Display also has higher contrast ratio.

5.With the larger size, Apple moves the iPhone 6’s power/sleep & wake up button to the right edge as oppose to top side in previous generations.

6.Bigger iPhone 6 now display apps in 4 columns x 6 rows grids. Display Zoom will increase app icon size to display only 5 rows of apps.

Digital Zoom feature (right) found in iPhone 6
Digital Zoom feature (right) for iPhone 6 (pic:

7. Reachability allows you to still use bigger iPhone 6 with one hand. It can be activated by double tapping (not double-press) on the Home button (Touch ID sensor). The upper part of the screen will drop down to be reached by your thumb. (GIF)

iPhone 6 Reachability demo
iPhone 6 Reachability demo (pic:

8.iPhone 6 supports 20 LTE bands. It will work with almost every LTE networks in the World.

9.Support Voice over LTE (VoLTE) — make calls using 4G data network — provided your telco enable it.

10.iPhone 6 supports NFC for wireless device communication by tapping each other. (Only in U.S.) You can use Apple Pay to make payments using iPhone 6’s NFC and Touch ID.

11.iPhone 6 build-in barometer sensor for measuring atmospheric pressure. It can be used in weather forecasting and determining altitude.

12.Bigger iPhone size comes with bigger battery thus better battery life. iPhone 6 Plus has up to 4 hours more battery life than iPhone 5S. iPhone 6 has up to 2 hours more battery life than iPhone 5S on 3G Internet use.

Cameras and video

iPhone 6 camera
iPhone 6 camera

13.While iPhone 6 back-facing camera is still 8MP resolution, the sensor now feature Focus Pixels for better and faster autofocus.

14.You also take sharper photos using iPhone 6. Thanks to the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) in iPhone 6 Plus and Auto Image Stabilization (take 4 burst photos then calculate into one sharp photo) of iPhone 6.

15.Able to shoot 1080p HD video at 60 fps, 240 fps slow motion video at 720p, as well as time-lapse video (fast-forwarding-like video clips, opposite of slow motion video).

16.Continuous autofocus video make sure your object is always in focus in your video.

17.Front-facing camera is still 1.2MP (1280×960 pixels) but aperture increase from F/2.4 to F/2.2 — 81% more light capture.

18.Front-facing camera supports selfie “burst mode” to take up to 10 photos per second.

19.iPhone 6 cameras has better face detection. Both front- and back-facing cameras can recognizes faces faster and more accurately, even those farther away or in a crowd.

20.iPhone 6 could take higher resolution panorama photos up to 43 Megapixels.

21.Cinematic video stabilization enable to take steady video shots.


As you seen from the list above, Apple focus a lot on the camera features. Apple has to convince customers that iPhone 6 cameras, while keeping the same pixel count, will produce better photos and videos — same thing HTC is doing for 4MP UltraPixel camera.

Bigger iPhone 6 has better battery life but it is only 2 to 4 hours more than iPhone 5S. You still have to charge the bigger iPhone daily and bring a power bank as backup.

Glad to see iPhone supports NFC, finally. The NFC contactless payment has been around for Android devices sometime but the adoption rate is low. Currently, NFC mostly used for pairing wireless devices, smartphone automation, and NFC tags. Hopefully, iPhone with NFC will boost the adoption of NFC technology.

Without 32GB storage option, you have to buy either 16GB or 64GB. 16GB is not recommended because your apps, photos, and videos will fill up all the storage space in no time. Remember, iPhone 6 does not support external memory card.

You should buy 64GB or 128GB version. The latter is a good news for people who store movies and music collection, and never move photos & videos out of iPhone.

Frankly, iPhone 6 is not innovative. Yes, it is doing what other Android manufacturers already did few years ago. But iPhone customers do not care, they get what they want — bigger screen display, longer battery life, better camera, and a smartphone that will works smoothly out of the box.

What say you? Are you buying iPhone 6? Why?

P.S. Did I miss out any new iPhone 6  feature? Please add in the comment.

Klipsch X7i (White) In-ear Headphones Review, Giveaway, Promote Codes

Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones package
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones package
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones package

Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones is part of Klipsch X-series premium range of earphones with hand polished ceramic design and patented oval ear tips. Does Klipsch X7i worth your investment for better music listening experience?

This review is made possible by Tat Chuan Acoustic (TCA), Klipsch authorized resellers in Southeast Asia. The company is also generously giveaway the review unit.

Learn how you can WIN Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones worth SGD$329 (~RM835) in this article! You will also find the free promo code for Klipsch and Sonos products on Klipsch-SEA online store.

Now, please continue with my product review below, then enter giveaway contest, and shop online!


Klipsch X7i is nicely packaged in a way to display the beautiful shinny hand polished ceramic in-ear headphones.

However, the packaging is so complicated – you can never pack it back – that I took 5 minutes to unbox it without using a knife. It comes with 2-year warranty, just in case.

Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones package
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones package

The thick paper box at the bottom contains another 4 different-sized ear tips, a clothing clip, airplane adaptor (surprise!), a earphones pouch (sweet!), product information (piece of card), and safety information.

Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones

Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones ceramic design is sleek and elegance. It should be more durable because of the material used. I like the clicking sound when the headphones bump together.

Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones 3-button remote
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones 3-button remote

Designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, X7i has a 3-button remote for music and voice controls. The protrusion buttons are easy to reach and press down.

The headphone cable is longer than ordinary headphones. It uses flat cable design that do not easily get tangled.


In-ear headphones is not my personal choice – I do not feel comfortable to have something stuck in my earholes.

However, I do not have problem with Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones. Thanks to its patented oval comfort fit ear tips. It is comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones oval ear tips
Klipsch X71 white in-ear headphones oval ear tips

There are a total of 5 ear tips in different sizes and shapes to suit your ears. Changing ear tips is as easy as pulling and plugging.

Klipsch X7i sound quality is GREAT! I tested it with different genre music: pop, hip-hop, R&B, rock… The mids and treble are crisp and clear. Voices is so real that it feels like the singer is singing beside you!

However, X7i has relatively weak bass, not to mention bass bomb. If you are a heavy-bass person then you may want to look for other headphones.

Photo gallery

Specs & Price

Here’s Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones specs:

  • Frequency response: 10Hz – 19kHz
  • Sensitivity: 110 db
  • Nominal impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Drive components: Full Range KG 623X7
  • Noise isolation: (–29db)
  • Input connections: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 16 grams

Price: SGD$329 (~RM835)


Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones is high-end headphones with thoughtful package – clothing clip, airplane adaptor, long flat cable, oval ear tip.

The ceramic design is very beautiful and durable at the same time. The sound quality is one of the best I tried.

Unless you love heavy bass, Klipsch X7i in-ear headphones is worth to invest in for better music listening experience.

The Good

  • beautiful design
  • Attentive package
  • great music and voice quality

The Bad

  • not enough bass
  • piggybank breaker

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You Can Now Buy iPhone 5S Gold on Malaysia Apple Store

Buy iPhone 5S Gold on Malaysia Apple Store

[Tweet “You can now buy Malaysia iPhone 5S GOLD (and other 5S & 5C models) at Apple Online Store”]

Malaysia Apple Store iPhone 5S 5C

Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C was officially released in Malaysia on 31st October 2013. Though Apple Malaysia online store listed the new iPhone models online a week before official launch date, they are not immediately available for online purchase at 12 midnight like the local telcos.

As far as I noticed, Apple Malaysia store start accepting online order in the early morning on 1st November 2013.

Now you can buy iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C online at Malaysia Apple Store with free shipping. Yes, you can buy iPhone 5S GOLD online.

Buy iPhone 5S Gold on Malaysia Apple Store
Buy iPhone 5S Gold on Malaysia Apple Store

However, iPhone 5S shipping time is 2–3 weeks (read: out of stock). iPhone 5C, on the other hand, will be shipped in 1–3 business days.

Again, here is the official iPhone 5S and 5C prices:

  • iPhone 5S 16GB – RM 2,399
  • iPhone 5S 32GB – RM 2,749
  • iPhone 5S 64GB – RM 3,149
  • iPhone 5C 16GB – RM 1,999
  • iPhone 5C 32Gb – RM 2,399

Would you buy iPhone on Apple Store? Or, you prefer to buy from local Apple reseller?

Here’s the Official Malaysia iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Price List

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C all colors
iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C all colors
iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C all colors

Malaysia iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C retail prices have been revealed by Apple online store, a week before official launch.

It is unusual that Apple Malaysia reveal the retail price for iPhone 5S and 5C before the launch date - Oct 31, 2013.

For the past years, the iPhone price only revealed on the day of telco’s iPhone launch. This year, Malaysia iPhone prices are revealed 1 week before launch date, just after the Apple special event on 22nd Oct!

What a surprise!

[Tweet “Malaysia iPhone 5S and  5C prices revealed by Apple Malaysia before official launch date.”]

Malaysia iPhone 5S price

Malaysia iPhone 5S price
Malaysia iPhone 5S price
  • iPhone 5S 16GB – RM 2,399
  • iPhone 5S 32GB – RM 2,749
  • iPhone 5S 64GB – RM 3,149

Malaysia iPhone 5C price

Malaysia iPhone 5C price
Malaysia iPhone 5C price
  • iPhone 5C 16GB – RM 1,999
  • iPhone 5C 32Gb – RM 2,399

Both iPhone models are not available for online purchase yet. Malaysia telcos – Maxis, Celcom, DiGi – already start registration of interest for iPhone 5S and 5c.

This year Malaysians have to pay more for new iPhones. The prices are few hundreds more expensive than my previous price guess, which are also last year’s iPhone 5 prices. Anyway, Malaysians still enjoy cheaper iPhone price than our Singapore friends. :)

What do you think about the iPhone 5S and 5C prices in Malaysia? Expensive? Expected? Does it change your buying decision? Take the poll below:

[polldaddy poll=7468060]

Thanks Chris Wong for hat tip.