4 Concept Technology Gadgets You Need to Know Today

Color CRT Computer
Color CRT Computer
(Image credit: James Vaughan – Flickr.com)

Sometimes it seems that the technology we have now days are pretty simple ideas. However, if you were to think back, there was a time when they were only concepts for the future. Things we use on a daily basis, like an iPhone, tablet, or even a laptop were once considered a thing of the future. But, think back to when a teacher or someone told you that you wouldn’t always have a calculator or dictionary with you.

With the development of smartphones and tablets, people now have access to these and many more resources with just a touch of a button. Technology is changing every day and there are plenty of innovators whose concept technology is ground breaking and will forever change the face of technology.

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WD Scorpio Blue Notebook Hard Disk with 1TB Capacity

Wd scorpio blue laptop hard disk

Nowadays, many people prefer to buy laptop computer than desktop computer because laptop is more portable. However, due to the size limit, laptop generally has less disk storage than desktop computer.

In order to satisfy laptop users’ disk space requirement, Western Digital announced the new WD Scorpio Blue 2.5-inch notebook drive with 1TB (1000GB) disk capacity.

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Fujitsu Spring 2011: 10 Notebooks and ESPRIMO EH300 Feature 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor and AMD Fusion Brazos

Fujitsu spring launch 2011

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific’s Fujitsu Spring 2011 line-up launched 10 notebooks and ESPRIMO EH300 that feature 2nd generation Intel Core processor and AMD Fusion Brazos platform.

The new range of LIFEBOOK are – S Series (LIFEBOOK SH761 & SH561), N Series (NH751), P Series (LIFEBOOK PH701 & P771), A Series (LIFEBOOK AH531), L series (LIFEBOOK LH701 & LH531) and B series (BH531) are the models incorporated with the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor.

Riding along the Fujitsu Spring 2011 Collection are two new models – LIFEBOOK PH521 and ESPRIMO EH300 that run on the latest AMD Fusion Brazos platform.

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10 Tips for Buying a Laptop from Microsoft

Planning to buy a laptop but don’t know how to choose the one that suits your needs best? Microsoft has some tips for buying a laptop for you.

  1. Knows what you want — Microsoft has an interactive guide to take you through a quick laptop crash course and recommend a set of PC based on your needs.
  2. Test it! — Visit local retailer to see and try the laptop. Don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson. Get an expert friend for advices.
  3. See a similar laptop — put similar laptop side by side, you may find that one is clearly superior or better fit for you.
  4. Don’t panic about price differences — two laptops can look identical but differ greatly in performance. Check the specifications of two laptops that look the same but vary wildly in price. If the specs match, you might be onto a good deal.
  5. Check out the Windows 7 edition — Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate? Compare them here.
  6. Ask about the cost of upgrade — for a little extra, you can boost your laptop performance. Usually, it is cheaper to upgrade extra when you buy the laptop. You also might do a little research to make sure you are getting a good deal on the extras.
  7. Know what accessories are included — Be sure to ask what’s included, and make sure that everything is in the box. If you need a keyboard, mouse, or cable, you’ll want to get them at the store before you get home and unpack your new laptop.
  8. Know your warranty options — Get extended warranty if you think your computer may experience some extra wear and tear.
  9. Ask about the return policy — Many stores offer a 14- to 30-day grace period during which you can return a product for a full refund, no questions asked. Some stores will charge a restocking fee, however, so make sure you ask about that too.
  10. Switch over from your old computer to your new laptop — you can transfer your data to new computer using Windows Easy Transfer. Are your software compatible with Windows 7? Check at Windows Compatibility Center.

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