Maybank2U 2.0 Reverted to Classic

The newly launched Maybank2u 2.0 (M2U 2.0 review) online banking portal has been reverted back to the classic version due to some technical problems.

If you access Maybank2U website now, you can still see the new web design but there is a notice on the front page stated that users will log in via the classics Maybank2U website instead of the redesigned Maybank2U 2.0 site.

maybank2u 2.0 apologies
Maybank apologizes for any inconvenience M2U users may have experienced

It is not a surprise to most of us who had a preview of M2U 2.0. The new website had slow response time when we were testing.

Maybank2U 2.0 is SLOW

When Maybank2U 2.0 launched in public, Colin Charles compared the speed of the new website against the classic Maybank2U website.

Maybank2U Classic VS. Mabank2U 2.0

The result? The new Maybank2U website is a lot slower than the classic version! M2U 2.0 has about 50% more HTTP requests and 95% slower!

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Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2008

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) is a combination of photography and travel events. KLPF 2008 will be held at the Lower Ground, Berjaya Times Square, on 18-19 October 2008.

Date: 18-19 Oct 2008
Venue: Lower Ground, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur (map)
Entry: Free

photography stage event

There will be some photography related seminars and two model photography contests (19 Oct). The famous model, Amber Chia will be there too. Check the program list

I will attend the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival. I am not a photographer but I am keen to learn more about photography.

I want to get my first DSLR, Canon EOS 450D kit with EF-S 18-200mm IS lens. The total should be around RM4K+. Hopefully I will be able to find some good deals at the festival. :)

[via KLPF]

Update: I got my Canon 450D and 24-105mm F/4 L IS USM Lens!

Preview of M2U 2.0, the new Maybank2u website

September 8th, 2008, a bunch of Malaysian bloggers and I have been invited to the private BETA preview of the redesigned Maybank2u website, or M2U 2.0.

screenshot of Maybank2u 2.0 website (click to enlarge)

About Maybank2u 2.0

Maybank2u is the first Internet banking in Malaysia which was launched in 2000. According to Maybank, there are 1 million active users and 90,000 new users per month. The site receives over 157 million page views per month.

The M2U 2.0 follows the development life cycle of discovery, usability testing, design and build. The new web design is built based on users’ feedback.

First impression of M2U 2.0

It is fresh, clean and organized! Much better than the existing Maybank2u website. No more flashy banners.

The Maybank services are categorized in tabs. Clicking a tab will show you the sub categories and the direct links to a service.

maybank2u 2.0 services
screenshot of Maybank2u 2.0 services (click to enlarge)

The website has a fixed width designed for 800×600 screen resolution, which is smaller than today’s standard 1024×768 (or bigger). The design does not match the “web 2.0 design” in my mind, which is described at “current web style“. I expected to use more AJAX too.

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3 Ways to Access Blocked “Malaysia Today”

Malaysia Today“, a Malaysia political news portal, has been blocked by local ISPs as ordered by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). Here are the workarounds to skip the block and access Malaysia Today like normal.

  1. Use the new website address — Malaysia Today has been migrated to a new server and has a new website address (mirror?): Simply use the link to access Malaysia Today like normal.
  2. Use proxy server — find a free proxy server and apply it to your system or web browser network setting. Hola! (Read “how to use free proxy with Firefox“)
  3. Use OpenDNS — Stop using local ISPs’ DNS server and switch to OpenDNS, a free DNS service. It is easy to setup, simply follow the OpenDNS setup instruction. Using OpenDNS also skip any ISP level website blocks in the future.

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8 Google Facts About Malaysian on Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

beijing 2008 olympics closing ceremonyBeijing 2008 Olympics Games is over. I had a great time sitting in front TV most of the time and watching the performances of world’s greatest athletes, hadn’t you? For Malaysians, the biggest item of interest in the 2008 Olympic Games was our badminton team.

But you probably never knew the other Olympics-related matters that Malaysians are interested in. With the help of Google Insights for Search Malaysia, here is the roundup of the Malaysian Olympics-related search habits:

  1. The Beijing 2008 Olympics was twice as popular with Malaysians as the 2004 Athens Games.
  2. [Badminton] takes the lead in Malaysian searches over [gymnastics], [swimming], [diving] and even [football] largely due to the silver medal win of Lee Chong Wei in badminton singles. No surprises there!
  3. [Lee Chong Wei] also tops the athlete searches from the start of the Olympics and surges ahead of other famous Olympians like [Michael Phelps], [Usain Bolt], [Rafael Nadal] and [Liu Xiang].
  4. There was also little doubt whose side Malaysians were on during [Chong Wei]’s eventual defeat to China’s [Lin Dan] for the badminton singles final.
  5. Movie-loving Malaysians were also tuning-into the Olympics rather than checking out the latest movies with [Olympics] getting more hits than both [gsc] or [tgv], abbreviations for cinema chains Golden Screen Cinemas and Tanjong Golden Village, combined.
  6. Despite the by-election fever heating up for [Anwar Ibrahim], Malaysians were still upbeat in their search for [Olympics] news and material. The Malaysians’ search for [badminton] tipped the scale on 17 Aug. That was the day the men’s badminton singles finals between Lee Chong Wei and Li Dan was held.
  7. Interestingly, searches for the [Olympics opening ceremony] and [Olympics closing ceremony] follow the same trends, with the opening ceremony taking a slight lead. With last night’s fireworks-ridden closing ceremony featuring appearances by Jackie Chan and David Beckham, among others, it’s no surprise that viewers were just as excited to see it!
  8. It seems like most KL-ites were hot on the trail of the Olympics by topping the other States in Malaysia on online search of the [Beijing Olympics] followed closely by Selangor and Pahang.

Google Insights for Search is a new tool for advertisers, marketers, and Internet users who are interested in finding out what’s on top of Malaysians’ minds and looking to compare search patterns across specific regions, categories, and time frames.

[Hat tip: Jana Ponnudurai]