Advertlets, You are Fired!

The is a guest post submitted by Wong Tech Jung, a blogger on The original Chinese blog post is available at here. All content and opinions belong to the author.

I (Wong Tech Jung) am a Chinese blogger. In October last year, I decided to use Advertlets over Nuffnang. This decision is due to the amount of Nuffnang and earning I received from Nuffnang is too low, and lots of Malaysian Chinese blogs are using Advertlets as well. However today I gave up Advertlets and changed back to Nuffnang again.

The decision of abandoning Advertlets is simply because they can’t pay to the publishers. After using Advertlets for two months (since October 2007), my blog was affected by its domain name expiry in January. Due to Josh and his colleagues Alzheimer, they allowed their domain name to expire and this is the worst thing that could happen for an online company. However I still wanted to give it a try.

After Advertlets settled its domain name expiry issue, it decided to pay more to the members who continued to use Advertlets. During that time, I have a pretty good earning. Some time later, I discovered Advertlets actually paid differently to bloggers with same traffic and advertisement (shown in image below).

snowxwhile-advertlets (click to enlarge)

duller-advertles (click to enlarge)

I requested for a cashout in February and March as I reached RM 100 in both months. As Advertlets earning is just peanuts compare to other service, such as Google Adsense and Text Link Ads, I simply forgot the existence of Advertlets in my blog and didn’t bother to check back Advertlets earning again.

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Streamyx Down and Fixed, again

Just like many other Malaysians, my Internet broadband service — TMNet Streamyx — was unreliable in the last week. The Internet connection kept on disconnecting. If connected (lucky!), it was snail speed broadband connection. How to solve the problem? I called the free service number “100” for 3 times and the technicians troubleshoot my line for 3 times to fix it too.

1st call

My line was very noisy. Called 100 and opened a file. The next day, we received a call from TM technician asking if the line was clear (without visiting my house). Yes, it was clear at that moment. Few hours later, the line noise is back. Streamyx was also down. Called 100 again.

2nd call

The TM technician came in the morning and I hadn’t woke up (typical liewcf’s blogger life style). My brother told me that the technician told him that the phone line was soaking in the water (?!?!). He had clear the water and the line was ok. Good job, fixed in 5 minutes! (although the solution was abnormal)

Again, the broadband connection up for a few hours and down again… Testing our patience huh?

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My 1st Talk @ 3rd Webmaster Malaysia Gathering

After being quiet for a very…very… long time on my blog, I quietly attended the 3rd Webmaster Malaysia Gathering held at The Apartment,The Curve. It was fully sponsored by Exabytes.

I attended the same gathering last year. This time, I was invited to give a talk. My 1st public talk. (Thank you, Lim CS)

LiewCF is giving his 1st public talk
LiewCF is giving his 1st public talk(photo by Eddie Law)

My presentation is about myself, a pro-blogger. How did I get started as a fulltime blogger and shared some blogging tips. It was a short talk that took around 15 mins only.

Here is the slides I used in my presentation (created by Google Docs):

Also viewable at

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Celcom Home, Hop and Away Broadband Plan

Celcom home, hop and away broadband package

While TMNet announced the Streamyx Combo package, Celcom (TMNet’s sister company) also launched the “Home, Hop & Away” plan, which combines Celcom 3G and Streamyx broadband services. With the broadband plan, you can enjoy high speed Internet connectivity at home and when you travel.

What is “Home, Hop & Away” package?

“Home, Hop & Away” package is a combination of Streamyx 1.0Mbps (free ADSL modem) + Celcom Broadband Basic (up to 384kbps). Current promotion price is RM108 per month, which RM48 cheaper than subscribing the 2 services separately.

Package sign up can be done at any Celcom branch or TMPoint in Malaysia. The package is open for existing Streamyx/Celcom subscribers too.

Notes about “Home, Hop & Away” broadband package

  • The minimum subscription period for the package is 18 months. During the minimum subscription period, you are not allowed to terminate or change the package to other Streamyx or Celcom broadband packages.
  • If you are to terminate the Home, Hop & Away subscription before 18 months, you would need to pay RM350 of penalty charge.
  • The SIM card provided is dedicated to Internet services only, no voice or SMS services.
  • Fair Usage Policy at 5GB per month for Celcom Broadband. If you exceed the 5GB allocation, Celcom reserves the right to lower down your bandwidth speed.
  • 3G SIM card modem is NOT included. It costs few hundreds bucks for one.

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Why I drop Advertlets and Nuffnang

I’ve been using Advertlets and Nuffnang on for quite some time, probably since the launch and now I chose to skip; nothing personal, just that when ads do not generate revenue we have to let go and give way to better. Here’s few reason that drew me to this decision:

CPC on Image Ads

Bloggers who make money from blogging should know image ads are poor on Cost Per Click (CPC); that’s probably the main reason why most image ads out there are offering as Cost Per thousand Impression (CPM), affiliates commissions, cost per month, etc. I do understand advertisers could be requesting for CPC on their image ads so they maximize from what they’ve paid for, but bloggers should also have the choice to choose if they are interested to accept CPC image ads. CPC image ads appear on blogs without notifications and I think that’s bad. Bloggers only come to know that they are actually running a CPC after noticing a downfall in ads revenue.

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