Tech Czar Blog Network

Recently, LiewCF Tech Blog joined Tech Czar Blog Network. You might have noticed the Tech Czar header at the top of the blog with 10 country flags. Each flag represent the language of the country. Clicking the flag will get the page in the selected language.

Tech Czar Blog Network

I always wanted to make my blog contents available in different languages but no auto translation services are accurate enough to be read by human. Tech Czar team translate the blog posts by human to ensure the accuracy of translated content. All translated versions are hosted by Tech Czar.

Software: “iTranslate”

The availability of blog posts in various languages would probably increase the readership. The other Malaysian blogger who joined Tech Czar Blog Network is FriedBeef and he already got paid!

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Tune Money’s Tune Card is Lousy!

200802290136.jpgTune Money’s Tune Card is a relatively new prepaid card in the market, and I have applied one for myself to withdraw from Paypal, and so that I can withdraw my cash from the Tune Card.

As the first step, you need to log in to Tune Money website and register yourself for the card. However, the process of application was quite tedious. I had 3 times time-out during the payment process and finally got through again at the 4th attempt. Yes, it was very frustrating.

After registering myself, I waited religiously 7 working days for the collection of my card at the local post-office. Yes, it was exactly 7 working days, I was quite surprised at the efficiency. However, the disappointment with their service started not long after that.

Locked account

After activating my card, I somehow got my account locked, and had to wait for new password from them before I could log in again. Unfortunately, it took quite some days to solve my tiny problem. And waiting their customer support reply is the most frustrating thing in the world. They claim to reply you within 2 working days. Sadly, it always takes more than 2 days to reply my mail.

Are they really that busy?

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AdSense Payment via Western Union, Received!

I just went to the CIMB Bank last week to receive my 1st AdSense payment by Western Union. It is trouble free, fast, and free!

Google AdSense and Western Union

How to know if you received an AdSense payment?

I thought we will receive email notification when the AdSense payment via Western Union has been issued, but I was wrong. There is no notification from Google about your payment.

In order to know if there is any payment waiting for you, you need to log on your AdSense account. Goto “My Account” tab, then click “Payment History” in submenu.

adsense payment issued
Image: adsense payment issued

Under “Earnings and Payments Summary“, look for the description “Payment issued“. Got it? Congratulations! You have money waiting for you! Payment normally issued at 25th each month.

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Now You Can Receive AdSense Money Immediately via Western Union

Last year, I told you about Google was testing AdSense payment by Western Union. Now, it is available to all AdSense publishers from selected countries in Asia, Europe, and South America. No more check waiting, expensive bank fees and long clearing times!

Google AdSense and Western Union

What is Western Union Quick Cash?

Western Union Quick Cash is a payment method that allows you to receive your AdSense payments in cash using the worldwide Western Union money transfer service. Payments will be available for pick up at your local Western Union Agent the day after they are sent according to our normal payment schedule.

Meaning, you do not need to wait for AdSense checks in snail mail. No more bank fees and long clearing times for checks. Isn’t it great?! :)

The Western Union Quick Cash payment is in US dollars. You may receive your payment in your local currency according to the exchange rate used by the Western Union Agent of the day you pick up your payment.

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Why I drop Advertlets and Nuffnang

I’ve been using Advertlets and Nuffnang on for quite some time, probably since the launch and now I chose to skip; nothing personal, just that when ads do not generate revenue we have to let go and give way to better. Here’s few reason that drew me to this decision:

CPC on Image Ads

Bloggers who make money from blogging should know image ads are poor on Cost Per Click (CPC); that’s probably the main reason why most image ads out there are offering as Cost Per thousand Impression (CPM), affiliates commissions, cost per month, etc. I do understand advertisers could be requesting for CPC on their image ads so they maximize from what they’ve paid for, but bloggers should also have the choice to choose if they are interested to accept CPC image ads. CPC image ads appear on blogs without notifications and I think that’s bad. Bloggers only come to know that they are actually running a CPC after noticing a downfall in ads revenue.

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