Niko, the Nokia N900 Robot

Nokia N900 robot: Niko

Nokia N900 is a ultra-hackable smartphone. It is so hackable that @ericscorner used N900 to power a robot which receives commands from Twitter!

Meet the @N900Niko, the Nokia N900
powered robot! Build with 2 boxes of LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

You, anyone, can control the movement of the robot and command it to take a photo, via Twitter.

To make NIKO move forward, tweet: @N900Niko move forward
To make NIKO move backwards, tweet: @N900 move backward
To make NIKO turn to the right, tweet: @N900Niko turn right
To make Niko turn to the left, tweet: @N900Niko turn left
To make Niko turnaround, tweet: @N900Niko turn around
To make Niko take a picture and upload it to Twitpic, tweet: @N900Niko photo

The photos are uploaded to Twitpic, a photo hosting service for Twitter. Here are the photos taken by Niko.

[via gizmodo]

P.S. I received a Nokia N900! Stay tuned for my N900 review! ;)

Nokia 5230, the Most Valuable Nokia Touchscreen Smartphone

Since my 2nd iPhone left me for repairing cracked screen glass [link], I wanted to get a smartphone as the backup of iPhone. It should have similar iPhone features (touchscreen, 3G, Wifi, GPS..) but at more affordable price.

I found Nokia 5230 touchscreen phone.

nokia 5230 touchscreen phone

It is cheap, around RM600-RM800 (USD175-USD235). Nokia 5230 has a big touchscreen (3.2 inch), supports 3.5G, GPS, powered by Symbian v9.4 (to run latest symbian apps). But, it does NOT support WiFi.

If you need a Nokia touchscreen phone with all features: 3G, GPS, WiFi, and better camera with flash, then Nokia 5800 is the one for you. But it is about RM300 more expensive than Nokia 5230.

Nokia 5230 brief review

By coincidence, my dad too wants to buy a new phone. His requirement is simple: touch screen phone with handwriting (chinese) input and GPS.

With my recommendation (evil grin), he bought the Nokia 5230 and I got a chance to play it for a night.

In the box, we got the Nokia 5230 phone (white), a short (7.5 inch) USB data cable, 3 changeable color battery cover (red, pink, blue). Changing the battery cover is not as easy as it seems, it bends like almost want to break when you lift the battery cover.

The user manuals is only available in English and Malay (Malaysia).

The body of Nokia 5230 is quite thick, plastic feel but light weight. The touch screen is sensitive to tap but not so for scrolling.

There is a SIM card slot at the side of Nokia 5230. But, you still required to remove the battery cover and battery before you insert a SIM card into the slot.

That’s a weird design, in my opinion.

Nokia 5230 has all the ports at the top of the phone: USB, 3.5 mm AV jack, power port. There is a slider at the side to lock/unlock the phone.

The 2 megapixels camera of Nokia 5230 is not good. It has no auto-focus nor LED flash. The image quality is bad with a lot of noise.

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