Understanding New Microsoft Office for Home Users: Office 365 vs Office 2013

Microsoft Office logo

Microsoft Office logo

Microsoft has released brand new office suites software earlier this year, the Office 2013 and Office 365. Office 2013 is the successor to Office 2010, includes user interface updates and support for touch and more file formats. Office 365 is subscription based software, it includes Office 2013 applications in addition to cloud services. In this article, you will learn the differences between Office 2013 and Office 365 Home Premium, and their features and prices.

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EXCLUSIVE: Welcome to the Facebook Office In Malaysia!

Ever since Facebook was hiring software engineer in Malaysia, we were curious about the address of Facebook Malaysia Office.

Secret no more.

Facebook Malaysia office is at the Neo Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Neo Damansara [image by iProperty.com]

Neo Damansara location map:

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Thanks to “S X”, who attended the Facebook interview, tip us in the comment:

Their office is in the spanking new Neo Damansara complex opposite Metropolitan Square in Damansara Perdana. Lights up with gay colours at night. It is so new it is still under construction!

Now, will you peep Facebook Malaysia’s office when you pass by Neo Damansara? ;)

Blogging Workspace of LiewCF (2008)

Last year, I showed you my blogging workspace with Apple iBook and 24-inch LCD monitor. My workspace has been changed slightly after I got my Apple iMac 24-inch.

Here is my new blogging workspace with Apple iMac 24-inch next to Dell 24-inch Ultrasharp LCD monitor. Means, I have 2 x 24-inch monitor which make up a total of 3840×1200 pixels screen resolution!

24-inch x 2 Workspace (iMac)
Blogging workspace of LiewCF (2008)

Here are list of gadgets you see in the picture:

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doPDF — Freeware to Save Documents to PDF on Windows Vista

dopdf On Mac OS X, you can easily save any document as PDF format. It is a built-in feature. We do not have the useful feature on Windows Vista (or any other versions of Windows) but it can be done with external software. I recommend doPDF to save your documents to PDF format on Windows.

doPDF is a FREE PDF converter that allows you to create PDF files by selecting the “Print” command from virtually any application. With one click you can convert your Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents or your emails and favourite web sites to PDF files.

After installing doPDF, you will get a virtual printer named “doPDF”. Simply select the printer from the “Print” menu and it will convert and save your document to PDF format. No nag, no watermark and it’s free!

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