A Letter to Silicon Alley Insider Editor: I am NOT Jason Chen

LiewCF is NOT Jason Chen

Dear Silicon Alley Insider editor (Nicholas Carlson),

I believe you have made a silly mistake in the recent Silicon Alley Insider article “Here’s all the stuff cops confiscated from Gizmodo editor Jason Chen” published on Apr 26, 2010.

The photo you used is my pro-blogger cards but you referred it as “one box of business cards for suspect chen”.

That’s wrong!

Dear, please use your eyes and brain. The cards clearly printed my full name “Liew Cheon Fong”, not “Jason Chen”.

Did you simply Google for the photo and used it in your article (without giving me credit) and assumed the cards belong to Jason Chen? That’s very misleading. How could you make such mistake?

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21-Year-Old Malaysian Quit Studies and Blog Full-time

edward khoo logoEdWard Khoo, a 21-year-old Malaysian decided to quit his studies and become a full-time blogger.

Edward wrote an email to thank me because an article “Journey to become Pro-Blogger” I published in 2005 has inspired him to become a full-time blogger.

Following my advice to start with part-time blogging, Edward has become a successful blogger after 2 years of hard work.

He is now contributing weekly guest articles for Sin Chew Jit Poh (Malaysia’s most popular Chinese newspaper) on “make money with blogging” column.

Edward also bought himself an Apple Macbook Pro laptop.

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29 Year Old Celebrates 4th Anniversary of Full-time Blogging

I’m Liew Cheon Fong (a.k.a LiewCF). I just passed my 29th birthday at August 19, 2009. September 9, 2009 (09/09/09) is my 4th anniversary of full-time blogging.

My life does not change much after 1st anniversary of full-time blogging.

Every month, I still get money from multiple Internet income sources. I have free time and money to travel at anytime (went to China, Japan, Taiwan this year alone).

I’m no longer taking public bus because I bought the Honda City 2009 (but still take express bus to KL because of the high toll fees and petrol fee)

I have monthly investments in unit trust funds. Am a Gold member of Public Mutual. My latest funds report shows that I have yet to profit from my funds (blame the economic crisis!).

I do not own a property yet. Buying a property is like getting a girlfriend, it is not easy to find the right one and it is a long-term commitment.

A personal good news is that I am now in a relationship. YES, after being single for years, LiewCF finally got a girlfriend!

hooray! claps! claps!

(No, you won’t see her photo here. :P )

Health is important, especially for someone who work at home. Chances are you would have less exercise and sitting in front computer or TV most of the time.

My body weight is increasing year by year ever since I became a full-time blogger. No more! Started 3 months ago, I joined a local gym club with a friend and have been actively going for gym workouts almost daily!

Till now, I have successfully lose 5KG+ and have a better body shape (read: bigger chest & arms). grin

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My 1st Talk @ 3rd Webmaster Malaysia Gathering

After being quiet for a very…very… long time on my blog, I quietly attended the 3rd Webmaster Malaysia Gathering held at The Apartment,The Curve. It was fully sponsored by Exabytes.

I attended the same gathering last year. This time, I was invited to give a talk. My 1st public talk. (Thank you, Lim CS)

LiewCF is giving his 1st public talk
LiewCF is giving his 1st public talk(photo by Eddie Law)

My presentation is about myself, a pro-blogger. How did I get started as a fulltime blogger and shared some blogging tips. It was a short talk that took around 15 mins only.

Here is the slides I used in my presentation (created by Google Docs):

Also viewable at http://tinyurl.com/6n3z2e

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Making Money While I was Not Blogging

I am a fulltime blogger but I was away for a long time and didn’t update my blog at all. Did it affect my online revenue? Not really. In fact, I am still getting the same amount of money while I am doing nothing. Dream job, right?

adsense earning when no blog update

The above is part of the line chart of my AdSense earning for the days while I was away(6th – 27th Feb). The total earning for each day might look vary a lot, but the average earning is same as the normal days.

How about the site traffic? Just like the AdSense earning, there is not much different on site traffic while I was away. The site is still getting same amount of pageviews even I was not blogging.

LiewCF.com traffic for Feb 2008

The above graph is generated by Google Analytics for LiewCF.com during the away period. As you see, It is a stable straight line throughout the days.

No update, but still getting the same traffic and money. Isn’t it great?

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