Second Anniversary of Full-time Blogging

2nd anniversary of full-time bloggingThis is my 2nd anniversary of full-time blogging blog post series which I share with you about the insights of a Malaysian full-time blogger:

Yesterday, 9 September 2007, marked my second year of full-time blogging since 2005. Oh yes, I am still surviving! My life has not much changes since my 1st year of full-time blogging. Instead of blogging, let’s talk about something personal.

I got a little tummy. I am 180cm tall and weight 86KG. A little overweight. 80KG should be ideal. I am looking for a strong reason to push me. “Why should I lose weight, as long as I am healthy?”

I am still single and looking for another half to complete my life. Two of my ex-girlfriends already married this year. gosh I have forgot how many years I have been single since last break up. More and more friends are getting married soon. I wonder when is my turn? Where is “she”?

I have more money. Thanks for the increasing revenues, my bank books have very beautiful transactions records. Even the bank manager recognizes me, “This guy make money online!”. My monthly expenses is a little. I put the rest of money in bank and mutual funds. Soon, I will invest in stock market.

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First Anniversary of Full-time Blogging

September 9th, 2006 was my first full-time blogging anniversary. It has been a year since I left my last job and become a full-time blogger (a.k.a problogger).

I am the first Malaysian full-time blogger. I am glad that I could survive for a year by blogging alone. It was not easy but I did it!

Now, I think I made the right decision to resign. I am earning few times more than my previous job and, at the same time, I have more free time for my family. The latter is more important.

What’s next?

I am trying to duplicate my success. It is not easy to create a successful website, and it is harder to duplicate the success to other websites. Also, I try to help my friends earn money from blogging, or even become another full-time blogger.

If I succeed in both, maybe I can give some talks to the public? :)

Currently, I don’t accept any request to teach “how to make money online” because I don’t think I am qualified yet (Hopefully, very soon).

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Journey to Become Pro Blogger

Read Darren Rowse’s “When is it time to ‘Go Pro’ as a Blogger?“. Here I share my thought of a problogger wannabe (going to be one!).

After a long consideration, I decided to resign my full time job on 17 August 1980 2005 (two days before my 25th birthday) and become a full time blogger. It was not an easy decision, seriously.

Start Blogging

I have blogging for over 2 years and gaining some popularity in local blogsphere. I was looking for an easy way to update website about my daily news and share some computing tips. “Blog” is the one! And, I am addicted.

Blogging Revenue

Like many others, Google Adsense was not doing well to me. But, I knew many others are making money from it. I told myself, “If they can make money, so can I!“.

I studied about others money making website to know WHY they can. I did research, I dug Internet for Adsense tips, etc.

Since then, my revenue is increasing… I was not serious about it. I just want to see how far it can goes, how much it can give me… I set my earning target. People were surprised. But, I did it – RM1000 in a month. I know blogging can be a serious job.

Few months ago, my blogging income has over the full time job salary (it is not much, in fact). I knew I am on the right path.

My Dream Job

Work at home” is always my dream job since I was in college. I was looking for a way to support me work at home. I think I found it — blogging. I may not rely fully on blogging income but it supports me to work at home.

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