All You Need to Know About Maxis iPhone 3GS

Maxis Malaysia is bringing in Apple iPhone 3GS to Malaysia on 31 July 2009 and will be available in its retail stores. For those who are interested, you can checkout the Maxis iPhone 3GS plan at here.
Maxis iPhone 3GS photo

What’s new about Apple iPhone 3GS?

The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G have the same design, but the former has a white color version.

iPhone 3GS has better performances (up to 2x faster), better build-in camera with autofocus, ability to take/edit video, voice control, and a virtual compass. iPhone 3GS has a slightly better battery life than iPhone 3G, too.

Compare the two iPhone models here.

What are the features still lacking in iPhone 3GS?

The new iPhone 3GS hardware and iPhone OS 3.0 added many new features. However, compared to the list of lacked features of iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS still lack of following features:

  • No flash on camera. (Apple thinks all mobile flash light sucks?)
  • Cannot replace built-in battery. (buy AppleCare to extend warranty)
  • Cannot transfer files via iPhone bluetooth (Apple forces you to use MobileMe?)
  • Does not support Flash animation on website. (Adobe CEO: “Flash on iPhone not so easy”)

Which Maxis iPhone 3GS plan is best?

There are 28 different Maxis iPhone 3GS plans. It could be very confusing and difficult to pick the one that suits you best. I spent a night to survey, research and calculate before I picked my plan (iData 2).

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 Review in Malaysia

I have been using BlackBerry Bold for several weeks. Read on for my review of BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Blackberry Bold in hand

Blackberry Bold backBlackberry BoldBlackberry Bold keypadBlackberry Bold battery
Blackberry Bold sideBlackberry Bold side and portsBlackberry Bold bottomBlackberry Bold top and mute button
Blackberry Bold thicknessBlackberry Bold Home screenBlackberry Bold menu

First impression

When I first received the BlackBerry Bold, I was surprised by its size. It is wide, slim and light. My N-series phone immediately looks bulky beside BlackBerry Bold. I like the black and stylish look of BlackBerry Bold covered by silver border.

On the left side of BlackBerry Bold, there are: 3.5mm headset jack, mini USB port, and keypad lock button.

The mini USB port is used for data connection and battery charging. Very convenient. You can easily charge your BlackBerry Bold by connecting it to your computer.

On the right side of BlackBerry Bold there are volume control and camera button.

One major different between BlackBerry Bold and my N-series phone is SPEED. BlackBerry Bold is much faster on menu navigation, apps opening & running.. no waiting time at all!

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Review: Maxis BlackBerry Storm Smartphone

It’s my honor to be invited by Maxis to the BlackBerry Storm Preview. I got a chance to play BlackBerry Storm in my hands and it’s the 1st time I touched a BlackBerry phone. Is BlackBerry Storm for you?

Review BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm Smartphone

The BlackBerry Storm has a big display like Apple iPhone. The size is just nice to fit in my palm. It is heavier (155 grams) than my Nokia N95 but I like the sturdy-feeling of the phone. The display automatically changes to landscape when you rotate it.

The touch screen of Storm is “clickable”. You “touch” to select a menu on the display, then “press” to confirm/execute it. This is the world’s first “clickable” touch screen, which you can’t get on other touch screen phone.

I like the display clicking but it also means I will leave more noticeable fingerprints on it.

BlackBerry Storm SmartphoneBlackBerry Storm Smartphone

The video playback on Storm is smooth. Volume is loud enough. It has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack for your own headset.

BlackBerry Storm Smartphone Bug?!Somehow, I crashed the media player while testing it. The media player buttons just refused to get away from the bottom of the screen. The crew had to reset the device to get it work properly again.

BlackBerry Storm has 3.5G, bluetooth, GPS but does NOT support WiFi. That surprised me and feeling disappointed.

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