How-To: Fix iMessage Bug that Prevent Android Phone Receiving SMS

Deregister iMessage
Deregister iMessage
Deregister iMessage

Last year I switch my smartphone from iPhone 4S to HTC One M8 (read my review here) and I never look back since then. I am a happy Android phone user now and I do not miss iPhone.

There was an “iMessage bug” that puzzle me for some time, though. Ever since I switched to Android phone, I no longer receive SMS or text message sent from other contacts who are using iPhone. All their messages were still sent to my old iPhone.

Apple recommends you to turn off iMessage before switch to a non-Apple phone following steps below:

  1. Put SIM card into your (old) iPhone
  2. Goto Settings.
  3. Tap Messages.
  4. Turn iMessage ‘off’. Go back to Settings.
  5. Tap FaceTime.
  6. Turn FaceTime ‘off’. Exit Settings.

It will take sometimes for the settings to take effect. Some users reported that the trick does not work. Also, what if you no longer have your iPhone (sold or lost)?

Starting from November 2014, Apple has a dedicated page to Deregister iMessage for those ex-iPhone users to deregister from iMessage.

deregister iMessage phone number
deregister iMessage phone number

Simply enter your phone number, then enter the confirmation code send to your phone number via SMS. It will then deregister your number from iMessage.

After deregistration, other iPhone users will send text messages to you as SMS, which you can receive on a non-iPhone phone.

Visit Deregister iMessage

Maxis Offers Norton Mobile Security to Android Customers

Norton Mobile Security screenshot
Norton Mobile Security screenshot
Norton Mobile Security screenshot

Maxis has partnered with Symantec to offer Norton Mobile Security to protect customer’s Android devices from mobile threats and ability to remotely locate, lock and wipe data from a lost or stolen device.

What is Norton Mobile Security?

Norton Mobile Security is a security application for mobile devices with the following highlighted features:

  • Anti-virus, Anti-malware, Anti-phishing – protect your Android device against viruses, malware, malicious sites and other mobile threats. Automatically scan downloaded apps and memory cards for threats.
  • Call & SMS blocker – block unwanted calls and SMS from specific phone numbers.
  • Lost notice – allows you to send a custom message to your missing device, so you can make arrangements to get it back.
  • Remote Locate – show the location of lost device on a map to help you find it fast. The app can even take a photo of anyone using your device when it is in “lost mode”.
  • Remote Lock – allows you to lock your device remotely via online or SMS to prevent others from accessing your device data.
  • Remote Wipe – allows you to remotely erase data and information in the device, both Internet memory and memory card, via SMS or online.

How much? How to apply?

Norton Mobile Security’s normal price is RM50 per year or RM85 for 2 years.

With the Maxis & Symantec partnership, Maxis Android customers can subscribe to Norton Mobile Security for RM1 a week or RM3 a month. Plus, you will receive 1-month free trial from the time of subscription.

To subscribe, you dial *200# from your mobile phone and choose Maxis Secure. Or, you can subscribe by sending SMS message ON NMS7 (for 1-week) or ON NMS30 (for 1-month) to 20088.

➤ Maxis Secure

Get Pingdom FREE to Monitor Website Uptime and Performance. 100% FREE!

As a website or blog owner, it is important to know when your site is down. Pingdom offers a FREE account to monitor your website uptime and performance. It will alert you immediately when your site is down via Email, SMS, iPhone and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: I am a happy paid customer of Pingdom service and I do not get paid for this post.)

Pingdom FREE is the “free version of the pro service”, no promotional code needed. You’ll get every account features in a paid account. The catch? Pingdom FREE only monitors ONE website of yours.

Anyway, if you have more than 1 websites then you probably could afford the Pingdom Basic account which is USD$9.95/month.

What you get from Pingdom FREE account?

  • 1 minute check
  • Multiple check locations
  • Uptime reports
  • Response time resprts
  • Error analysis
  • Immediate alerts via Email, SMS, Pingdom app for iPhone, Twitter Direct Message
  • Public and email reports
  • 20 free SMS alerts (International phone number supported)

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Maxis Malaysia Launched iPhone 3GS and Enhanced iValue Plans

Maxis launched iPhone 3GS in Malaysia at July 31, 2009 (Friday) as well as the enhanced iValue packages and upgrade offers.

Read all you need to know about Maxis iPhone 3GS at here.

Maxis launching iPhone 3GS in Malaysia
(L to R) T. Kugan, Tan Lay Han and Afiz Abdullah from Maxis launching iPhone 3GS in Malaysia

With the official launch, Maxis also enhanced iValue plans features to give better offers. Now every iValue plan will included free data, as well as free SMS and free MMS (Maxis to Maxis)!

iValue plan customers also enjoy free calls and sms between Maxis family lines.

Here is the overview of new iValue plans features:
maxis enhanced ivalue plan features

Check out the new Maxis iPhone 3GS plans at here.

There is also 0% interest easy payment scheme for all Maybank, HSBC, Citibank and Public Bank Visa and Mastercard customers.

Existing Maxis iPhone 3G-no-S customers could upgrade to iPhone 3GS and get at least RM500 rebate.

My two cents

Another move for better iPhone plan from Maxis. The added free SMS and free MMS features surely attract more people to switch, although limited to Maxis-to-Maxis numbers.

“Does the pre-booking customers also enjoy the enhanced iValue plan?” is the question in my mind now.

For existing Maxis iPhone 3G-no-S customers, it is not worth to upgrade to iPhone 3GS even with the rebate offer.

What do you think?

All You Need to Know About Maxis iPhone 3GS

Maxis Malaysia is bringing in Apple iPhone 3GS to Malaysia on 31 July 2009 and will be available in its retail stores. For those who are interested, you can checkout the Maxis iPhone 3GS plan at here.
Maxis iPhone 3GS photo

What’s new about Apple iPhone 3GS?

The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G have the same design, but the former has a white color version.

iPhone 3GS has better performances (up to 2x faster), better build-in camera with autofocus, ability to take/edit video, voice control, and a virtual compass. iPhone 3GS has a slightly better battery life than iPhone 3G, too.

Compare the two iPhone models here.

What are the features still lacking in iPhone 3GS?

The new iPhone 3GS hardware and iPhone OS 3.0 added many new features. However, compared to the list of lacked features of iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS still lack of following features:

  • No flash on camera. (Apple thinks all mobile flash light sucks?)
  • Cannot replace built-in battery. (buy AppleCare to extend warranty)
  • Cannot transfer files via iPhone bluetooth (Apple forces you to use MobileMe?)
  • Does not support Flash animation on website. (Adobe CEO: “Flash on iPhone not so easy”)

Which Maxis iPhone 3GS plan is best?

There are 28 different Maxis iPhone 3GS plans. It could be very confusing and difficult to pick the one that suits you best. I spent a night to survey, research and calculate before I picked my plan (iData 2).

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