Apple iPad, Buy or Wait?

Cannot decide whether buy the Apple iPad now or wait for the next generation iPad? This article might help you to make a right decision.

Your votes

Previously, I created a poll “Will you buy the Apple iPad?” on the Apple iPad post and here is the result:

Poll Result: Will you buy Apple iPad

The votes for “Yes” (39%) and “No” (38%) is almost the same, where the answer “No” has 1 more vote. 24% is undecided.

What to consider before buying iPad?

If you already have a smartphone and a computer, iPad may be an additional device in your living room or bedroom. The touch screen user-interface made iPad a more convenient gadget than a netbook.

Admit it, it would be “very cool” to sit in StarBucks and surfing web by “molesting” Apple iPad’s display screen. :)


Buy iPad NOW if…

  1. you are fine with those “cannots”
  2. you have some extra money to spend
  3. you want to be the coolest person in StarBucks!
  4. you cannot wait!


iPad a disappointment

[via LiewZY]

However, you must not bother that iPad…

  1. Cannot listen online radio in the background while you are surfing website (no multitasking)
  2. Cannot play your favorite FaceBook games (no Flash)
  3. Cannot take photos (no camera)
  4. Cannot make a call (no phone)

Else, you might need to pray for a better iPad (2nd Generation) in the future. Apple said nothing about iPad ver2, of course.

We expect future iPad will have multitasking, camera, and can make phone calls. How about Flash? I don’t think so..

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Apple iPad Tablet for a Malaysian

Update: iPad Malaysia has been released! Check out the official iPad Malaysia price list (cheap!) and the iPad 2 rumor features.

Apple has announced their latest creation, the Apple tablet called “iPad“. What does Apple iPad tablet means to a Malaysian? Let’s find out.

Apple iPad (WiFi+3G)

According to Steve Jobs, iPad fills the gap in between a smartphone and a laptop, to do some tasks better: web browsing, email, sharing photos, video watching, music, games, and reading ebooks.

The iPad looks like a square shape, giant iPhone, which is quite dull. It is white at the back, and front with thick black borders.

iPad Specs

  • Processor: 1GHz Apple A4 (not the A4 paper in your photostat machine!)
  • Operating System: iPhone OS 3.2
  • Storage: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB flash drive
  • Size: 9.56 (H) x 7.47 (W) x 0.5 (D) inch
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds (680 gram) for iPad WiFi, 1.6 pounds (730 gram) for iPad 3G
  • Display: 9.7-inch LED multi-touch display with IPS (1024×768 pixels)
  • Wireless connection: WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G (only for iPad 3G, data only)
  • Battery: up to 10 hours of web surfing, video watching, music playback
  • Input/Output: Dock connector, 3.5mm headphone jack, build-in speaker, microphone, SIM tray (iPad 3G only)

I am surprised by the 10 hours battery life per charge. If it is truth, it would be Great!

P.S. A-GPS for iPad 3G only. The iPad 3G uses “micro SIM“, which is different than your current SIM card. Not sure Malaysia telco (Maxis, Celcom, Digi) will provide micro-SIM or not…

iPad virtual keyboard

apple ipad keyboard
(photo by Engadget)

The iPad virtual keyboard is similar to iPhone’s but bigger and it looks ugly in bigger size. Steve Jobs type on the virtual keyboard with two hands. It is not easy to hold iPad with one hand and typing with another hand, I guess.

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My DREAM Apple Tablet

Apple Tablet
(image from Gizmodo)

Few hours to go before the Apple’s “Latest Creation” event which we are expecting Apple will announce the Apple Tablet (iSlate, iPad.. iDonno).

Despite the rumors in the past years regarding the Apple Tablet, I do really wish it includes the following features:

  • Long battery life — Please, if it is gonna be portable, it should have a long lasting battery. Give me 6 hours of web surfing battery power!
  • Terabytes storage — not really, but I wish Apple Tablet has few hundred GB storage to store media files (music, moviessss, photos, etc).
  • USB port(s) — I would like to be able plugging any USB devices to the Apple Tablet, say a keyboard, a flash drives, external DVD burner, etc.
  • Memory card slot — My little wishful thinking. A memory card slot in Apple Tablet which allows me to read/backup memory cards on-the-go.
  • Adobe Flash Player — For your information, no Adobe Flash Player on Apple iPhone OS. I wish Apple Tablet supports Adobe Flash player natively and no more “This content requires the Adobe Flash Player” message when I am browsing websites.
  • USD$730 (~MYR$2500) — Needs I say more? The cheaper the better it is but MYR$2500 would be nice.

OK. These are my wishful, fantasy.. feature list. IF, Apple Tablet (whatever it’s name) got the features, I will be the 1st to buy it! Muahahaha…

What’s your dream tablet computer?