Here’s a Quick Way to Make Money from Twitter using Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates introduced a Share on Twitter feature to allow members to share product links via Twitter, with their affiliate id embedded. Members will earn referral money if their Twitter followers buy the product via the link.

Here I show you how to make money using the Amazon Associates’ “Share on Twitter” feature. It is as easy as 1-2-3!

Wait! you need to be a member of Amazon Associates. Registration is free. Of course, you must be a Twitter user too!

Got both accounts? Great! Read on for the tutorial.

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7 Ways to Identify a Twitter Spammer

I told you to use TwitBlock to spot and block Twitter spammers from your Twitter followers. But how do you identify a Twitter spammer? Here are a few tips to help you.

Generally, to identify a Twitter spammer, we look at the user’s avatar icon, user name, number of followers, number of following, number of tweets, tweets pattern.

A Twitter user is probably a spammer, if it matches more than 1 of the following:

  1. their profiles are using default Twitter avatar OR using a sexy pic as avatar.
  2. their names are ended with numeric, example: david567
  3. they are following many other Twitter users but only has few followers.
  4. they have no update or few updates with links.
  5. their Twitter updates contains repeated tweets with link.
  6. their Twitter updates are published using ONLY Twitter API.
  7. they show you how to “make money overnight”.

Once you found a Twitter spammer, please report it to Twitter (read my previous blog post: How to report a Twitter spammer?).

Follow me at @liewcf (I am NOT a spammer!)

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*Any tips you want to add to the list? Please share with us in the comment.

How to Block Spammers in Your Twitter Followers using TwitBlock

twitblock logoJust after I celebrated my 1000th twitter followers, I was wondering, with the increasing number of Twitter spammers, how many of my Twitter followers are real? How many are spammers?

TwitBlock could help to spot spammers among your Twitter followers. It has a points system to order your followers with the most likely spam at the top of the list.

How to use TwitBlock to spot a spam?

TwitBlock scan Twitter followers for Spam

TwitBlock use OAuth for Twitter authentication. No login information will be exposed to the site.

After you have approved TwitBlock, it will start scanning your Twitter followers and generate a list with most likely spam at the top.

You can then analyze each Twitter profile and “block & report” the spammer. If the listed profile is not a spam, you can mark it as “not spam”.

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How to Report a Twitter Spammer?

There are many spammers on Twitter who could be annoying or even dangerous (sending phishing or malware sites) to you. Here is a tutorial to block and report Twitter spammer.

Who is Twitter spammer?

First of all, how do you determine a user is spammer or not? Twitter has a spammer guideline for you:

  • Posting harmful links (including links to phishing or malware sites)
  • Abusing the @reply function to post unwanted messages to users
  • Creating lots of accounts or using automated tools to create multiple accounts
  • Spamming trending topics to try to grab attention
  • Repeatedly posting duplicate updates
  • Posting links with unrelated tweets
  • Aggressive following behavior (for instance, mass following and un-following in order to gain attention)

If you find a Twitter user has ANY of the listed behavior, it is safe to believe that it is a spammer.

How to report spammers to Twitter?

report twitter spamBefore October 13, 2009, you can follow @spam and send a Direct Message (DM) to it to report a spammer.

Now, there is an easier way to report spam. Twitter added a report as spam button to allows you report spammer. The button is available on your Followers page or user’s profile page.

Once you have reported a Twitter user as spammer, Twitter will block the user from following or replying you.

Twitter would NOT suspend the user immediately. They will identify and investigate the reported account.

For more information, read Twitter Support: Reporting Spam on Twitter

How do you deal with Twitter spammers? Do you report them or just ignore them?

P.S. Are you a Twitter user? Add me: @liewcf :)

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7 Ways to Tweet

Micro-blogging become more popular nowadays. There are more than 10 micro-blogging platforms for you to choose. Anyway, twitter is still the best micro-blogging platform that suits my need. Why? Because it has lots of way to tweet!

I’m going to show you 7 ways that I use to update my tweet. Although some of them are not so useful, you might take it as an alternative way (always think for backup plan!).

7 Ways to Tweet

I’m just simply list out few famous apps in each way. You may discover more from Internet but I think it should be enough for you to tweet in any way. Here I am not going to discuss further for installation or configuration for each app. Try it out and you’ll know. It’s pretty easy!

  1. Desktop client – Third party software that needs installation. Twitteroo and Twhirl are two of the famous ones. Twitteroo is windows version of Twitterrific. While Twhirl is a social desktop client built on Adobe AIR that connects to multiple micro-blogging platform. Make sure you have installed the latest Adobe AIR before installing Twhirl.
  2. Web – This is quite straight forward. Login to Twitter or HelloTxt and tweet in your browser.

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