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Text Link Ads Calculator

When I told you that I received my first Text Link Ads payment, I didn’t know how they calculated the price for each text link ad. With the new Text Link Ads Calculator, I have some clues now.

link worth calculator

You only need to fill in a simple form and select the text links position, then it will calculate the monthly value of a single link. The position map is a clone of the Google AdSense heatmap.

Calculating factors that contribute to how much a link is worth:

  • Traffic of your website based on Alexa ranking
  • Number of incoming links (and quality links)
  • Website category
  • Number of links
  • Sitewide or single page placement
  • Link location on a page

Text Link Ads Calculator

My two cents

The link worth calculator is fun. It is not limited to Text Link Ads, but you can also use the calculator for private text link sales. Of course, the link value is for your reference only.

Text Link Ads

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