The 3,000th Blog Post

This is the 3,000th blog post of


The 1st blog post on this site was published at March 8th, 2004, exactly 4 years ago. It is hard to believe that I have published 3000 blog posts here.

As far as I can remember, I started blogging at 2003. Later, switched to current domain name and changed hosting due to web server failure.

The blog is growing up with me in the past years. From unknown to popular; From not making any cent to making handsome money. I am glad that I didn’t give up blogging. :)

I also shared a lot of my stories here. If you know how to dig them out, you will be stunned by the information/stories I shared in the past. They are my history and the best way to know me.

Of course, I must say “Thank You” to you all. Thanks for your continuous support.

Ask LiewCF

Either you are new reader or loyal fans of, you probably have some questions about the blog or me, the author. Right?

I have an idea here.

You can submit ANY questions about me or my blog in the Comment or by email, and I will select the interesting questions and answer them in the future blog posts. Yes, ANY question, but please keep the questions “family friendly” (you got what I mean).

I am looking forward for your questions. ;)

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34 thoughts on “The 3,000th Blog Post”

  1. LiewCF, looks like you make a lot of posts in your initial stage. May i know, how long you take before you become a problogger?

  2. haha, same question with patrick, liew cf you cakap nak tukar theme..lama dah kami tunggu :D anyway..congrats :D

  3. WOW!
    Thanks for being so persevering!
    Isn’t there some kind of award for that? There should be.
    That works out to a little over 2 posts each an every day for four years straight.
    I’m still amazed.

  4. Congratulations, 3000 posts were not a small number, that means you have put a lot of efforts on it.
    Your success story gives us a push and motivation. I hope I can learn from you.
    I wish you success in whatever you do. Have a wonderful year2008.

  5. 3000 posts man you are a true problogger. Was watching a news report on your country . Did you vote or you were too busy blogging ??

    Congratulations Liew

  6. artakus,

    u are right!!! proposes Liew get a Parliament seat in 2012/2011 because we bloggers no longer want to be treated as nobodies. Remember who said “Goblok” (Indonesian slang for “stupid”)? He is no longer a Minister.

  7. I got one Issue with you Liew. You blog is international so pliz ask your readers to include an english transalation when they comment in Malay (or whatever you call your language)

    WTF is ahtim – orang cakap kalau tak cuba nasi kandar line clear pun diaorg kata rugi ?????

  8. First of all, Congratulation for the 3,000th post!

    Secondly, I have a question in my mind everytime I write a post. Is it ok to use other blog or website articles as research for my own blog? For example, I often read articles and rewrite the news in my blog with my own words and my own comments about the news. So is it right for me to do that? Is a link appreciated?

    I think there are many people who are very concerned about this issue.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  9. Congrat for your 3000th Posts. I can ask anything? hm.. OK. Last year I asked you to write about smart priced in google adsense, but there is no post yet. Still waiting… So, I hope you can write about it!! Thanks!!

  10. Wow 3000 posts! Absolutely fantastic achievement. Congrats. I would love to read more posts about the revenue generated, your suggestions for others on how to stay blogging for longer (seems a lot of people give up) and any tips, tricks and issues you had to overcome.

    Again congrats.


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