At Last, TM Customer Support is on Twitter (@TMConnects)

Tmconnect twitter

Telekom Malaysia (TM), largest Internet Service Provider, is now providing customer support on Twitter using @TMConnects handler.

The Twitter account is not to be confused with the official Telekom Malaysia Bhd Twitter account, @TMCorp. @TMConnects is the official channel for TM service-related support and queries. And, they have a working hour of Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. As well as, rules of engagement.

Read about for my TM connect experience after the break.

TM Connect customer support experience

Tmconnect replies

I asked @TMConnect about the 2Mbps broadband coverage near my home. The 1st reply was asking me to call TM customer support number. Then, after I insisted, @TMConnect was willing to check for me and asked my contact details in Direct Message (DM).

Few hours later, I received a call from TM telling me that it is out of 3 KM range from their server, thus cannot provide 2Mbps connection, and promised to help me to check for TM future plan for my home area.

About 2 hours later, another follow up call from TM and it’s a bad news: TM has NO plan to expand their faster speed broadband coverage to my home area.

My two cents

Many companies are already using Twitter as another channel for customer support. It’s glad to see TM is following the trend too.

For an online query, I received two calls from TM and got my answer on the same day. I would say @TMConnect twitter account is quite efficient.

On the other hand, it’s quite disappointing that TM has no future plan to upgrade the broadband speed in my home area. I have been stuck with TM Streamyx 1Mbps package for years, no upgrade option available.

Come on, even mobile broadband provider is offering 5Mbps package here!

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  1. its better you dont make the mistake of subscribing, once you had, you will bleed and cry asking for technical support when you need it. Because it doesnt exist. All technical hotlines are congested or useless almost 24×7 – charge it to my experience


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