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TM Online Guard Plus: Free antivirus for Unifi VIP Customers [Sponsored]

TM Online Guard
TM Online Guard

Do you know that Telekom Malaysia offer FREE antivirus software? TM Online Guard Plus is the security suite provided by TM to all Unifi customers. It provides full protection from cyber threats like spyware, virus, spam, and more.

TM Online Guard Plus

TM Online Guard Plus is the customized version based on eScan Total Security Suite worth USD$55.95 (eScan is the TM Online Guard vendor). The complete security suite includes 9 main features:

TM Online Guard Plus User Interface
TM Online Guard Plus User Interface
  1. Anti-virus: real time protection for your files and folders
  2. Parental Control: prevent your kids browse offensive or pornographic content
  3. Privacy Control: clear your browser cache, history, cookies and other personal information
  4. Mail Security: Protects, filter from malicious programs propagate through emails
  5. Firewall: Expert rules for blocking specific ports, programs, or services on your computer
  6. Cloud Protection: monitors, identifies, and blocks new threats with prompt response before widespread
  7. Identify Protection: Effectively safeguards your digital Identity against Malware and web-based threats
  8. Endpoint Security: protect from infected devices like USBs, SD cards and also various applications through the blocking and whitelisting
  9. Anti-spam: protect and filter spam messages from your Inbox

Comparing to previous version of TM Online Guard, the new version has new and enhanced features.

  • Advanced email protection and anti-spamming, phishing website protection and malware URL filtering.
  • Advance Firewall settings, inbound/outbound traffic monitoring, one-click to apply pre-configuration.
  • Create ISO image to repair/clean infected or damaged system, build-in TeamViewer engine for remote supporting.
  • Automatic download critical Windows update patches, Disk Degragmentaion, Registry Cleaner and vulnerability scanner.
  • Scheduled cleaning web surfing and private data
  • Support Windows 8/8.1 and above, support 32/64 bit processor, Android app (coming soon).

Who get Free?

free tm online guard
free tm online guard

All existing and new subscribers to TM UnFi (except UniFi 30 and UniFi 50) are entitle for free TM Online Guard Plus license(s). Each license is valid for 1 user for whole subscription period. You can add additional licenses for RM2 per month for each license, up to 20 licenses.

Are you a TM Streamyx subscribers? You can also subscribe to TM Online Guard Plus by visiting the nearest TM Point. The price starts from RM2 per license, too.

TM Online Guard package
TM Online Guard package

How to download?

You do not have to exit your room to get the free security suite! You can download TM Online Guard Plus with your email address or UniFi username. You will need to activate your copy with the ID and password sent to your registered email address.

Alternatively, you may contact TM Online Guard support as following:

  • Webpage :
  • Facebook : TM Online Guard
  • Twitter : @tmonlineguard
  • Email :
  • Contact : +6011-1408 8015

*This is a sponsored post.

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