Tune Money’s Tune Card is Lousy!

200802290136.jpgTune Money’s Tune Card is a relatively new prepaid card in the market, and I have applied one for myself to withdraw from Paypal, and so that I can withdraw my cash from the Tune Card.

As the first step, you need to log in to Tune Money website and register yourself for the card. However, the process of application was quite tedious. I had 3 times time-out during the payment process and finally got through again at the 4th attempt. Yes, it was very frustrating.

After registering myself, I waited religiously 7 working days for the collection of my card at the local post-office. Yes, it was exactly 7 working days, I was quite surprised at the efficiency. However, the disappointment with their service started not long after that.

Locked account

After activating my card, I somehow got my account locked, and had to wait for new password from them before I could log in again. Unfortunately, it took quite some days to solve my tiny problem. And waiting their customer support reply is the most frustrating thing in the world. They claim to reply you within 2 working days. Sadly, it always takes more than 2 days to reply my mail.

Are they really that busy?

Lost PIN

Then, after your card collection, you need to wait for 21 days for the PIN to reach your house before you can make withdrawal from your card. However, now, I have waited more than 6 weeks and there is still no news of my PIN number.

So, I emailed them again to enquire. My first email was replied after 2.5 days, however that did not answer my question. I was required to give my details so they could check the process of my PIN letter. Until today, it has been about 7 days and there is still no reply from them. Well, I guess they really have to buck up on customer support. Being a debit card company and the customer support they have is really upsetting.

What if you lose your card and you email them and they never reply, and you can’t reach them by phone????

Cannot get through Customer Care Line

So, I called their number, 600 83 7999, sadly, I seriously do not know how to dial this set of numbers, tried with mobile phone and landline, I could not get this number through. So, this means, as long as I do not get my PIN, I will not be able to withdraw my money from the card. Although the transfer of money from Paypal to Tune Card takes only few days, but it is practically useless if you can’t withdraw, unless you are planning to swap all your money on the card.

Now, anyone tell me what I should do? Failed to reach them by email, or phone, Tune Money really got me frustrated.

Guest blogging by Strawroot, who also own a cosmetic blog called “Pretty Beautiful“.

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62 thoughts on “Tune Money’s Tune Card is Lousy!”

  1. “Tune Money’s Tune Card is a relatively new prepaid card in the market”, are there any older, proven to be better prepaid card that you could recommend, I mean even if it’s international based but Malaysians can apply…

  2. PB Visa Electron Debit Card is good enough for me. Why bother with new (and untested) products?

    The only problem with PB Visa Electron Debit Card is that I couldn’t top up using PB cash deposit machine. I was repeated told by PB that it could be done. I guess I’m not smart.

    I can top up my NexG (AmBank) Debit Card using AmBank’s cash deposit machine but not getting monthly statement.

  3. To : DigitalProductsCenter.com

    PB Visa Electron Debit Card from Public bank ?

    The card can withdraw money from Paypal ???

    Can we trust paypal ? Because my friend said if a buyer use stolen card to pay into my account , my account will get frozen. Its that true?

  4. Liew,

    Just stick with Al Rajhi & Public Back Visa Electron if you are depending upon debit cards to withdraw money from PayPal. Both cards have not disappoint me so far. Al Rajhi is the fastest in terms of PayPal-cashing. Once it only took me two business days to receive money from PayPal. Super cool!

  5. hi strawroot,
    I have been using Tune Card to cash out my PayPal money and have no problem so far.

    There are a few things that I would like to comment:

    I can see that you have no problem or complaints about making the payment, card fees and charges. Yes, as a new card, their service is quite slow and have some minor problems.But I personally think that you did not explain the whole story.
    Your locked account,how is it happen? I believe that you forget either your password or trivia questions.Rite? Coz, Tune Money will not locked your account without no reason :)

    2nd,Pin number, I received my pin ATM number within 2 weeks.Maybe you should check your address.

    3rd, I have no problem calling them using fixed line. FYI, I try to call them just now using my home fixed line to prove that you are wrong.
    Yup they still working

    Maybe you should come to my site and read my entry on tune card

  6. Is there any processing fees involved when you withdraw money from pay pal to card account, if yes how do they calculate the procesiing fees.

  7. I’ve tried another TuneMoney’s service – the cheap insurance package.

    The signup process was extremely frustrating. I’ve used the net for over 12 years and is a fulltime internet marketer for 2. I had filled hundreds of online forms before but TuneMoney’s site managed to beat me.I simply cannot complete it’s user registration.

    Even after 15 attempts!

    I sent an email to their support – berating their stupid web interface and programming – and they replied within 24 hrs to ask me to provide my details so that they can do it manually.

    I never replied.

    Tunemoney sucks.

  8. Like I explained earlier..they are just another reseller…withdrawal fees etc.

    what else to hit you with fees.

    Might as well use yr BSN Matrix card

  9. adrian oh,
    he is not complaining, did u read the whole entry

    “It turns out that scamboy’s missing RM1 isn’t due to any Tune Money hiccup. It may however be related to a debit card limitation.”

    BT Khoo,
    PayPal will charge you usd 5 for cash out your money to any visa card.
    i have done it twice to my tune card and they are no processing fee

  10. BT Khoo,
    PayPal will charge you usd 5 for cash out your money to any visa card.
    i have done it twice to my tune card and they are no processing fee

    * from Tune Card

  11. Hi Liew, I’m Jennifer from Tune Money and I’d like to apologise to you for any inconvenience you may have experienced using our service. We’ve checked up on your case and apparently your PIN was sent out last week. You should be receiving it this week. Sorry for the delay. As for the 600 number, you should be able to call it from any Telekom landline. We’re checking to see why you are not able to.

    FYI, if for some reason you experience any difficulty in contacting Tune Money, you may leave a comment on our CEO’s blog – http://www.tengkuzafrul.com, and you will be attended to quick smart.

    Lankapo – you’re the best. Again, thanks.

  12. apa susah macam ini? apply nexG prepaid ambank.. mudah, murah dan mesra alam.. pergi cepat2 ke ambank dan dapatkan nexG prepaid kad. boleh reload bila2 masa di mesin deposit tunai.

    well ya’all.. just try nexG prepaid card from AMBANK (if you in Malaysia) lah.
    starter pack is only RM20. No extra chargers upon buying the card. Just go to any AMBANK branch or seven-eleven’s shop and buy the starter pack..so convinient. easy to use and accepted worlwide.. PEACE! :-)

  13. I have tune card now! Really great as I can use it for online. The only thing I REALLY2 NEED TO KNOW is that can I use it for installment purchase.??

    This way, I want to buy a laptop but I know its impossible for me to give it full price. I saw in the advertisement that only credit card (visa/master) can be use for installment. But my card is PREPAID VISA CARD.. Can I use it?? I really need the answer.. PLEASE anybody…

  14. Amiruddin … wishful thinking but I don’t think so. the card paid full to the merchant and you pay installment to the card’s bank not the card pay installment to the merchant.

  15. I currently used 2 cards..

    1st is Ambank NexG.. i think this is quiet ok coz i don;t have any problem with internet transaction… the only problem i faced is when i want to use it at petrol pump… the card readr cannot detect it.. called the customer service, they asked me to change to a new card (i have to buy a new card with a new card number)..gila..

    2nd is maybank card… it looks nice, i don’t faced any problem for purchase over the counter – smooth transaction (provided there is enough money in my account la).. the only problem is, i cannot use it online… called their customer service, and they claimed that currently they do not support for online transaction – meaning i cannot use it for Paypal..

  16. This is my 10th attempt today to fill in the online form. Have followed all the instructions carefully but still the red instructions appear. What went wrong? Huh! True.. The HARDEST online form filling in the world…..

  17. I dont know whether Tune Money’s problem or Bank Simpanan Nasional’s problem. What happen is my money deposit via BSN since 16/6/2008 (today is 19/6/2008) not appear in card balance. I did e mail to tune Money since 16/6/2008 but still nothing happen. It is written in FAQ at Tune Money Website that deposit via BSN will be updated the next day. Bush it.

  18. I got my Tune Money Card last April 2008 and I face no problem using the Tune Card.

    While I was away to India and Thailand, I did the transaction on purchasing as well withdrawal from the ATM machine…the bank didn’t reject it at all.

    Moreover, the exchange rates Tune Money give is quite good compared using the Bank Visa Electron and service fee charge is low too. Eg. I used Tune Money RM 1 to THB 10 and PB Visa Electron RM 1 to THB 9.20. Good rate right.

  19. Yes,the service is lousy.I own the card for 4months now,but still haven’t get my pin number.You know what when i email to them.The reply is from the server saying that their email box had load full,no more email can get through it.ha!ha!what a good local company nobody attend to,very sad.I still have some money inside the card,I donot know whether the money is still there or not.

  20. I use tunemoney since june 08 and have no problem with them :P buying stuff from internet and reload money also have no problem (I use FPX so its cheap and fast). but I never try withdrawing paypal money to local bank so I can’t comment, output only no input. So if you want to buy things online or verified your account with paypal you should try tunemoney :) sorry to hear your bad experience with them though…

  21. I have no problem with TuneMoney. I had regularly transferred funds from my PayPal’s account. Normally I get the money within 3 days. I guess if you talk (if you are in Malaysia) nicely with the guys at TuneMoney, most things would be alright.

  22. Hi, i am also using tunecard. i admit, it was extremely frustrating with the waiting here n there and the fact that i cant change my pin number as i like.i ‘d have to stick with the pin they giv me,. plus, when i check my balance in CIMB atm machine, it always state RM 0.00 when i already have money in the account.

  23. Hi,Modnazy,I face the same problem when I filled the form few month ago.My old i/c number is 7digit only without A infront.So I just type x before my 7digits,then it was done.But I don’t know whether your’s problem is same.When ever I check my balance of the tune card,there always show 0 .But it show the real balance in their website.I hope the boss of this company do something about it to solve the problems which we had discussed here.Work hard to optimise the company’s image,Malaysia boleh,you boleh too.
    *Their phone no:03.20928555/8,can be connected .

  24. I’m puzzled by all the negative talks about TuneMoney.

    I had been enjoying fast fund transfers (PayPal > TuneMoney) – within 48 hours. I admit there are some delays (about 12 hours) in updating the statement – not a pain to me because my weekly transactions are less than 10 and I know how to add and minus debit and credit transactions.

  25. Still “no switch system in operation”.

    I’m beginning to believe that it was a big lie made up by TuneMoney because it wouldn’t be possible for Visa to cause the “no switch system in operation” issue because if it is true Visa would disappear from the face iof this planet.

    Interesting to note that if you google “tunemoney”, links to LiewCF.com are next to links to TuneMoney.


    A good exposure for you if more are searching for “tunemoney”. Unfortunately few are searching for it. A sign of TuneMoney’s unpopularity?

  26. Yes, it was a big lie.

    There was nothing wrong with Visa.

    I called TuneMoney yesterday and a male employee confirmed that the management had been told about the problem (no switch system in operation).

    I managed to get some life-saving money at approximately 3:00 PM yesterday.

  27. I use tunemoney since sept 08 and have no problem with them , going shopping, dining or at the petrol pump but i do have something to share…
    Last 3 weeks, i did reloaded money via FPX…and worst come to worst..it shows pending at the receipt..but it did deducted from my Maybank2u account.
    After quite a few days, i checked my balance in Tunemoney card and the reload money..not reloaded at all…and the worst part is..I managed to call 1 of the cust serv officer..who asked me to give the detail of the transaction..ask me to email…more then 40 times i tried to email them…can;’t get through..
    I called them again and again…the same answer…well..let me put this way..they are not PROFESSIONAL enough to handle the situation..not good in public relation..and put blame on the FPX..the server…well guys…it’s suck..i suppose!!!!

    • I have several times where the transaction is pending on the FPX. It sucks man! Maybe the users are getting more and more and the transaction getting busy…

      both Maybank and Tunemoney won’t take any responsibility as it is their lousy third party FPX services and there’s no support etc for FPX. They just kick you around.

  28. Its sad that you have problem with tunemoney.com


    If you really want to call the 60320928555 from mobile phone?

    Try remove the 6 in front because its a country code for Malaysia.

    So if you call 03 2092 8555 instead, you should have no problem contacting tunemoney call center anywhere within Malaysia.

    I still found tunemoney.com is the best card out there, because its online reload system is pretty handy for me. (no need to go to ATM to reload just like other debit card)

    Ah I just reload RM200 just now to make sure, and to my amaze tunemoney work nearly as perfect as I wanted :D (ok I admit they took 20 minutes or so to update my tunemoney balance huhu)


    P.S. – same goes to every system, if you still new to it, its sometimes feels very frustating. But once you mastered it? you will flying sky high with it :D

  29. Saya alami masalah yang sama 4digit paypal code…Sekarang akaun saya sudah verified!!! Ini dia cara hendak dapatkan kod to…the 4 digit PayPal verification code can be retrieved from the transaction history page at http://www.tunemoney.com or by calling our customer service.

  30. it IS lousY…I go to juscO to use TUne card..Jusco NOT accePt TUne card..then I Go to guardiAN..THE card CannOT read..I go to LOwyat TO buy LAptop..they said they dont wAnt TUNe cARD..thEN i use CIMB to withdraw mY money ..there ARE 250 balance..when I try to withdraw 200..it saID balance NOT enoUGH..WHat the F???Tune CARd sux…I only use 2x since I appLY 4 TUne card..i use tO BOOking hotel FOr geNting thEN i use IT to booking Air asiA FLight..

  31. Dude, hi. I have a tune card (going to terminate it soon, I don’t trust a card with none of it’s centre on where I live – Sabah). The number you dialled leads to a Malay answering it right? 600 83 7999 is NOT the number, 600 is only for International viewers to call. For us malaysians, call 032 179 7333. Hope this answers your question. =)

  32. I absolutely agreed with most of the comments posted here. Tune Money Big Card is hopeless for a card company. Customer services and support is none existent. Complaints submitted have no reply. They got to fire their CEO. I am absolutely disappointed with Tony on this….

  33. Let me add my frustration and complete displeasure with Tune Money BIG card for their complete failure in customer service. Never experience such bad PR and services. Tony, downhill from here?

  34. It has been 6 years+ since this article were made, but they haven’t improved their services at all.
    Their customer service is completely unprofessional.
    – I called them, and they acted busy when I can hear their background is probably partying in the office. Told me they will just call me back because they are busy. They never call back, at all.
    – Send numerous emails to their customer service mail address, no reply for weeks.
    – Send request through their own form in their website, no reply for weeks also.

    At this point, I just want my money back and terminate the service.

  35. Tune Money is sucked, I already cancelled my Prepaid card 3 months ago, since today I not yet receive my refund of my balance inside the card. Email them, they late replay, call them no ppl answer the call. ASk them call back, need take weeks to go.


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