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Tune Money’s Tune Card is Lousy!

200802290136.jpgTune Money’s Tune Card is a relatively new prepaid card in the market, and I have applied one for myself to withdraw from Paypal, and so that I can withdraw my cash from the Tune Card.

As the first step, you need to log in to Tune Money website and register yourself for the card. However, the process of application was quite tedious. I had 3 times time-out during the payment process and finally got through again at the 4th attempt. Yes, it was very frustrating.

After registering myself, I waited religiously 7 working days for the collection of my card at the local post-office. Yes, it was exactly 7 working days, I was quite surprised at the efficiency. However, the disappointment with their service started not long after that.

Locked account

After activating my card, I somehow got my account locked, and had to wait for new password from them before I could log in again. Unfortunately, it took quite some days to solve my tiny problem. And waiting their customer support reply is the most frustrating thing in the world. They claim to reply you within 2 working days. Sadly, it always takes more than 2 days to reply my mail.

Are they really that busy?

Lost PIN

Then, after your card collection, you need to wait for 21 days for the PIN to reach your house before you can make withdrawal from your card. However, now, I have waited more than 6 weeks and there is still no news of my PIN number.

So, I emailed them again to enquire. My first email was replied after 2.5 days, however that did not answer my question. I was required to give my details so they could check the process of my PIN letter. Until today, it has been about 7 days and there is still no reply from them. Well, I guess they really have to buck up on customer support. Being a debit card company and the customer support they have is really upsetting.

What if you lose your card and you email them and they never reply, and you can’t reach them by phone????

Cannot get through Customer Care Line

So, I called their number, 600 83 7999, sadly, I seriously do not know how to dial this set of numbers, tried with mobile phone and landline, I could not get this number through. So, this means, as long as I do not get my PIN, I will not be able to withdraw my money from the card. Although the transfer of money from Paypal to Tune Card takes only few days, but it is practically useless if you can’t withdraw, unless you are planning to swap all your money on the card.

Now, anyone tell me what I should do? Failed to reach them by email, or phone, Tune Money really got me frustrated.

Guest blogging by Strawroot, who also own a cosmetic blog called “Pretty Beautiful“.

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