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Twitter now adds image upload features to for you who prefer to use the web based interface instead of 3rd party Twitter client.
When you tweet on, you will see two small icons in the lower left hand corner, one for adding your location (a compass), and one for uploading an image (a camera).

The image size limit is 3MB and Twitter will scale the image to fit into the display pane on the right side of timeline.

The Twitter image link use “” subdomain name and takes up 21 characters from 140 characters limit. Tweet with image will shown with an image icon in the timeline. Click on the tweet to view the image in the display pane (shown above).

The uploaded images are hosted by The Twitter image link will open the tweet that contain the image, no advertisement. The uploaded image can be viewed in the 3rd party Twitter clients (no redirect to Twitter website).

Twitter will open the image upload API access for 3rd party developers to build feature into their apps after the feature roll out to all users.

Update (Aug 16): Twitter photo upload API is available.

My two cents image upload is certainly a welcome feature by users who use the web interface. It’s official and advertisement free.

While promises to continue to support 3rd party image providers (Twitpic, yFrog, etc), the official image upload feature will steal the Twitter image hosting market share after 3rd party developers build the feature into their apps.

Will you use Twitter image upload? What’s your current 3rd party image sharing service? I’m using yFrog.

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