US Bank Account is Required to Receive PayPal Money?

Recently, it has come to Malaysians’ attention that PayPal required US Bank Account before we can accept PayPal money. According to official PayPal reply, the error maybe caused by system maintenance.

Yesterday, I sent some PayPal money to my friend with a verified non-US PayPal account but he cannot accept the money. PayPal required him to “add a bank account”.

Previously, he could accept PayPal money without adding a bank account by choosing the “Accept but don’t add bank account” option. From the screenshot of his PayPal account, it looks like PayPal had removed the option:

PayPal requires US Bank Account
Image: Cannot accept PayPal money without adding a US Bank account

I wrote to PayPal regarding the issue but did not get a useful reply. In order to dig the information for my readers ;) , I wrote another email to PayPal and got another reply shortly after.

Here is the email reply I received from PayPal with PayPal supporter’s name masked:

Dear Liew Cheon Fong ,

Hello my name is [MASKED], I will be happy to assist you with your
question regarding your PayPal account.

I’m sorry, this error message maybe caused by system maintenance.
We are working on it. And we suggest you try to accept the funds later.
Sorry for the inconvenience that may cause you.

Thanks again for contacting us, and thank you for being part of the
PayPal community.

PayPal, an eBay Company

PayPal said the error may be caused by system maintenance. We hope that is the real reason and it will be restored soon. If the “error” is permanent, then many Malaysians will suffer because PayPal does not support Malaysia local bank accounts (yet).

Update 2007/5/16: the following is further reply from PayPal about the problem:

The Unclaimed payment issue is under fixing at the moment. Because it is a complex technical problem, we are unable to promise a exactly timeframe to resolve the problem. We would suggest you to check your PayPal account in the coming few days. Thank very much for your patience. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience has caused and much appreciate for your kind understanding.

Well, seems like PayPal is in trouble now. Hopefully they fix the problem very soon. [hat tip: xynix]

P.S. MalaysiaPal ebook shows you 3 different methods to withdraw your PayPal money, including getting a FREE U.S. Bank Account. Recommended!

Update: Now you can withdraw PayPal money to any Malaysia bank accounts. Click here for more information.

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72 thoughts on “US Bank Account is Required to Receive PayPal Money?”

  1. actually i got the same screenshot when accepting paypal funds, but when i just click continue, the next screen shows that i can add funds without a bank account. The funds went in just fine…hhm

  2. @leona: I did login my friend’s account to check for him. I clicked the “continue” button but it asked for bank account. Hmm… maybe PayPal fixed it already.

  3. ya that happened to me too. several weeks ago i wanted to top up my paypal account but the message about adding US bank account kept popping up. since the i have not returned to my paypal account so not sure if it had been fixed.

  4. Hi Liew,

    Suddenly all the blogs this morning were discussing about this. Seems like PayPal really made a big mess out of it.

  5. I have had the same problem, sent money to my friend yesterday and he couldn’t accept it since it kept asking him to add US bank account or reject the payment.

  6. @Palmdoc: PayPal promised to support Malaysia local bank accounts last year during the Ebay Explained 2006. Hopefully they WILL do it.

  7. The day before yesterday, it was fine for me. I was accepting funds like normal. Then yesterday, I can’t receive a single sent. It’s been like 2 days now. If this problem isn’t fixed before the due date of receiving funds, then it’s bye bye earn money.

  8. Just updating, still cannot received funds. And I just got an email from paypal saying to received before the end of this month. Guess there’s no alternative but to open a US account. Got to buy the malaysianpal ebook.

  9. Can I register for a PayPal account if I have the MalaysiaPal (Accent Card) Account ? I thought that there were some problems with the Accent Card, has it been resolved yet ? Hope someone can provide me with an economical solution. Thanks

  10. @James: AccentCard is now known as AccentCardVisa. The previous problem has been resolved. I am using AccentCardVisa and have withdrawed few K paypal money. No problem. :)

    btw, the previous MalaysiaPal (accentcard) is outdated. the new MalaysiaPal ebook has been updated and charge for RM10. It does not include information of AccentCardVisa, but with another alternative card.

  11. still problem with paypal, asking for us to add USA bank account…already close to a week, their so called technical glitch might now be a glitch afterall…pity those ebayer

  12. i having the same problem with paypal. their email is same template as mind :).

    guess what, they refuse to take any action. and i already cancel 2 incoming payment cause of this stupid and silly requirement from paypal.

    its fact that 9th may they are updating policy, thus causing this problem.
    in other word, it might be new policy, and not temporary.

    meantime, i sourcing for alternative payment thing

  13. Crap! I just found out about this. I noticed that PayPal’s interface has changed and I think they screwed up somewhere. I really hope this issue gets solved A.S.A.P…

  14. hi liew, r u able to claim money from paypal now? i’m interested to know bout malaysianpal, and want to buy the ebook, but i don’t have money in paypal, so how? plsss i really need to claim money floating in mypaypal account

  15. liew, pls enlighten me, we can withdraw money from ATM with accentcardvisa? what about the other alternative card? (3rd method in malaysiaPal)? also can withdraw?

  16. @reynna: ya, I have added a US bank account. In fact, i just withdraw some of my paypal money today. I have email you about buying MalaysiaPal using local bank fund transfer.

  17. Dear all Paypal user,

    For almost a week, i was a victim like most Malaysia Paypal user can’t accept money without having US bank account due to the system glitches as “reported” by Paypal.

    According to michel, i tried to use random number to add an US bank account and delete it right after accepting all payments. And it WORKS! Thank GOD!

    Here is the step by step to overwrite Paypal current system glitches.

    1. Go to Overview -> Click Profile
    2. In Financial Information column -> Click Bank Account
    3. Type the following information as below:
    – Bank Name: The Bank of New York
    – Account Type: Checking
    – Routing Number: 021000018
    – Account Number: 104000000880214
    – Re-enter Account Number: 104000000880214

    Note: Please take note that the account number is not valid. It works on me and does not guaranteed works in your account. Just pray hard and visualise.

    And once you have added the account, accept all your payments. Then, please remember to delete the invalid US Bank Account. This is the step that i used to accept my payments as of now.

    Just try out and let me know the outcome. Good luck. Bye

    Simon Lim

    [Warning: This method is not tested by the blog author, LiewCF. Invalid user information might cause PayPal account termination. Use it at your own risk! ]

  18. Yeah…PayPal should’ve fixed the issue by now. I wonder whether they really screwed up or just something that intentionally did to gain attention. Also maybe they intentionally screw up to scare off scammers who use PayPal accounts? Lol…just thinking out loud. I really do hope they fix it!

    Btw, Liew…the card mentioned in the MalaysiaPal ebook how much does it cost to get one (fees + and everything else)? Is it cheaper than a VMI Card ($50 – includes shipping)? I would appreciate if you could shoot me an email when you have the time ;)

  19. @Ibnu Asad: the card mentioned in MalaysiaPal is USD50. It is from Malaysia local reseller, so you can get faster support.

  20. Hello.

    If followed the Simon’s recommendation, will it have any outcomes that we still cannot use the funds because I have read it on other websites, the funds will not able be used till we have a US bank account?

    Again, for the E Trade account, it is in which bank in the US, and we need to have the check book before we put it into PayPal?

    Seems that the issue is really troubling and confusing.

  21. Dear Simon, i have tried to enter this account but its not valid anymore , please mail me any other account at cyberviewing at hotmail dot com thanks alot

    To all, i have called paypal 8 times now but still they say “Sorry no time estimate we can tell u”


  22. Oh my ….

    When are they going to solve this problem? I read Simon Lim’s solution but I dare not try it … not that I have lots of Paypal fund, but I’ve worked so hard for the few months to accumulate what I have. :(

    Does anyone know the timeframe we have to Accept the funds? Will it be credited back to the senders account after a specific timeframe?

  23. Dear Mei Ling,

    Basically, Paypal does not indicate any timeframe to solve the technical glitches. Hence, it is up to you to make your call whether are you dare to try it or not. It is your money and your choice.

    But, i really pray hard that Paypal does not changed its policy for non US account to add an US Bank Account before accepting payment. Good luck

    Simon Lim

  24. Simon Lee, I have try your method and the next day paypal just limited my account access. wtf!!! I didn’t blame you,since my account got around 2000usd, that is why make me scuk now. Paypal need me to verify my status with send them my identity card, passport and few more thing to verify it in 7 days, tomorow is the last day. I donno what to do now….

  25. The problem about this matter is not yet solved. Guess we will need to use either Tele Transfer method or by make a US bank account..

    It is kind of risky by making bank account of US (since we are not live in US).

    Hopefully Pay Pal will solve the matter as soon as they can.

  26. Paypal Sucks this is the 16th day of the problem and it took 9 days for them to understand the problem that people in Malaysia , Turkey , Israel etc can not accept funds.What are they doing don’t they have a risk watch department a normal financial corparation would understant there is a problem on first day.
    We are still waiting but I lost my trust to paypal and looking for alternatives.

  27. Anyone know how to contact US bank…not sure on the code. I try calling from land line but cannot go thru…

    my friend said…include 00 in the US number. but still I can’t get thru..


  28. @LuckyLily: before making direct international calls using telekom line, we need to first dial 00 , then follow by the country code. For USA, the country code is 1. So, it would be: 00 + 1 + Area Code + Tel #

  29. Now is also the end of the month, but still getting no answer about it too.

    How bad.. Guess I will ask my friends to use Telegraphic Transfer or any other method that can pay to a bank account instead of Pay Pal then.

  30. This PayPal might be an issue of them because they just upgraded themselves as a “bank” now?

    My question: Singapore’s bank accepted by PayPal, so how about Maybank@Singapore? Does PayPal accept that?

  31. Phew, the issue is fixed, now we can receive funds without adding the bank account, but I think on funds withdrawal is OK for me, since I use Pay Pal to buy items in eBay though, it is better that I have the balance inside my Pay Pal.

  32. I’ve emailed Paypal twice and the answers were the same ‘problem is still under fixing at the moment. When it is resolved, you may receive the funds again.’

    I’ve just managed to accept/claim money just now after trying many times for the past week. Looks like the problem is resolved.

  33. Yahoo! (just a note, I like Google better :P) The problem is fixed :D

    I have just found out that some people who added a fake us bank account info and deleted it from their account getting ‘Limited’. Can anyone confirm this?

  34. Hi, I had the same problem and it was resolved last month. I’m surprised that you have only encountered it this month.

    I suspect Paypal is doing a checking on every individual Malaysian account. If not, this problem would have occured all at the same time. Hmmmm….

  35. Mine is still not working.

    I’ve been calling them 3 times already (since the 10th) and they had the same answer: “It’s a known issue. We are working on it”

    Damn Paypal…

  36. Hi Liew, I like you blog. Thanks for all the info. Question: I understand that the sales of AccentCardVisa in malaysia is managed by MK Deals – the same people who wrote MalaysiaPal. Is this true ? Can I get my AccentCardVisa through MK Deals ?

  37. Hi,

    This web site contains information about opening an US bank account for non-us resident.

    I hope this help.



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