Warning: Paid Links = Spam by Google

Text Link Ads is Spam
One of the best ways to improve your website’s ranking in search engines is by getting backlinks from other websites.

In 2006, some paid links market websites like Text Link Ads (TLA) started to grow. Many webmasters/bloggers received easy money by selling paid links on their blog. Me too.

Then, Google started penalizing those websites which buy/sell paid links. I quit selling paid links that time.

However, there are still many websites are buying/selling paid links. Reason because, for advertisers, it is a fast way to improve search engine rank for their selected keywords. For publishers, it is a easy money that does not require you to do anything but only putting a few links on your website.

People ask Google again and again whether the paid link consider as SPAM or not. Google has reconfirmed by replying using their Google Webmaster Twitter account that they are considering links via sites like Text-Link-Ads as SPAM.

GoogleWebmaster: buying links via TLA is SPAM

“Since we hear this question again and again: Yes we de consider buying links via http://tinyurl.com/39epw3 and similar services as spam.”

The tinyurl URL links to Text Link Ads homepage.

[via Thats SEO]

My two cents

Regardless of you are advertiser or publisher, if you are still with Text Link Ads or similar services, you should quit it now. I believe Google will keep on working an algorithm to detect all the paid links.

Don’t let paid links buriyyour website in search engine results.

Instead of paid links, now you should work on the social media marketing. The social media is the Internet now.

Learn Facebook marketing from the book “Facebook Era” available at Amazon.com.

Over to You

Have you bought/sold paid links before? What do you think of paid links? Should search engines ban it? Do you think Google can detect all the paid links?

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11 thoughts on “Warning: Paid Links = Spam by Google”

  1. Sigh… Anyway, TLA isn’t giving us much money now too, less advertisers already. Money from TLA drops a lot! It’s not as easy to earn money from it compare to last time.

    Irene aka sweetsurrender.

  2. call me an elitist, but any form of linking that doesn’t relate to the source’s topic, especially if for the sake of milking “search engine reputation”, dillutes the true nature of the internet: a free hypertextual archive. by creating supposed/false connections/linkages to any unrelated websites, regardless paid or not, is a step backwards.

  3. Yeah, I totally agree with you, Liewcf. Because I also don’t like the Text Link Ads Program. Actually, it doesn’t help us to make more money, it only another way to earn money. Last time, Johnchow.com was spammed by Google because of Text links ads or paid links ? I suggest to blog and forum commenting and then to increase traffic and search engine results.


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