Weekly Highlights (Week 24, 2005)

Another week gone. It was a week for me to get back the mood of blogging from Singapore vacation.

The Google Adsense income also drop suddenly… fortunately it is getting back to the track now. Phew~

Ok, here are some highlights of Tech Gadgets Blog – LiewCF.com in last week (5 June 2005 – 11 June 2005).

  • I share the tips to create an Ads free MSN Messenger. Also, tip to remove the side tabs but then only found out there is an option to do so in MSN Messenger. :P
  • I also show you how to create a shutdown computer shortcut on your Windows desktop.
  • Related to MSN, the MSN Toolbar adds tabbed browsing to Internet Explorer. It does not work perfectly though.
  • Google introduce Google Sitemaps, it asks you to help Google to index your site by submiting a sitemap xml file to Google. Do not see immediate effect, anyway. :neutral:
  • Great news for Apple user. Apple decide to use Intel chip. I don’t see much different about it for a home consumer, perhaps a faster(hopefully cheaper) Apple Mac?
  • On Google Adsense, I compiled a list of local banks charges on U.S.(Google Adsense) cheque. So far, the cheapest is RHB (free) and highest charge is Hong Leong Bank. Choose the right bank and you saved few more bucks!
  • Google Adsense added a new ads format – horizontal link units. I get better result from it, compare to Ad links(vertical).

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