Who Are the Top Malaysian Bloggers? (2009)

Adi Wong compiled a list of Top 100 Malaysian Blogs based on Alexa and Technorati rankings.

Here are the top 10 Malaysian blogs:

  1. Hong Kiat — Design & Tech
  2. Kenny Sia — Lifestyle
  3. Paul Tan — Automotive
  4. Raymond.CC — Tech
  5. Anwar Ibrahim — Politics
  6. Lim Kit Siang — Politics
  7. Hemmy.net — Mixed
  8. Jeff Ooi — Politics
  9. LiewCF (me) — Tech & Lifestyle
  10. Cheeserland.com — Lifestyle

What does it mean to you, a blog reader?

If you want to read some interesting Malaysian blogs, it is a good list to start with. Visit every one of them to discover the one you like.

What does it mean to you, a blogger?

Why are they Top 100 and you are not in the list? Why are they popular and your blog has no readers?

It is a good list for you to study the reasons that other blogs are more popular than you, and how you can improve your blog.

Check the blog designs. Check what topics are popular. Check their writing styles. Check their ads placements. Etc.

I am sure you can learn alot from the top Malaysian blogs and improve yours to be one of them.

By the way, if you think your blog deserved to be listed in the Top 100 Malaysian Blogs, feel free to contact Adi Wong to add yours.

P.S. I wonder who in the top 100 bloggers attended the recent Bloggers’ Universe Malaysia Gathering 2009 (BUM 2009)?

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