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Why Firefly Airline Should Get a Better Domain Name

Firefly, another Malaysia budget airline, is starting 2,000 free seats giveaway today. I never take any budget airline yet, I do not comment about the airline. But, as a Internet geek, I must comment about Firefly’s bad domain name.

Extra 'Z' in FireFly domain name
Image: Extra ‘Z’ in FireFly domain name

You might have already noticed that the website address of Firefly airline is not www.firefly.com.my but www.fireflyZ.com.my, an extra “Z” in the domain name. It is a no-no in Internet marketing.

The common knowledge is that you should use the same domain name as your company name or brand, especially when your website is your business. An online company should check for domain name availability before they decide the name for their business.

Who took Firefly domain name?

The Firefly.com is registered by Microsoft since 1996. Not sure what Microsoft wants to do about it.

The Firefly.com.my is a domain parking page, it is registered by Nikabina IT MSC Sdn Bhd at 31st January 2007. Meaning, Firefly launched their services in March 2007 but did not register the domain name in January 2007. Firefly was a rush project made in 3 months?

Compare to AirAsia airline, the Firefly’s competitor. AirAsia registered both AirAsia.com and AirAsia.com.my, which is good.

Firefly domain name suggestions

I would suggest Firefly do everything to take back the Firefly.com.my domain name. Also, prepare a domain name for International visitors. Try FireflyAirline.com, a domain parking page which might be waiting for domain buyer. FireflyAirline.com.my is available at the time I am writing. ;)

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