Why Join Internet Investment Schemes

The Internet investment schemes activities have brought attention to Malaysian government. The Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia made a press release to caution public against Internet investment schemes and listing the known companies and websites which are not authorized nor approved to deal in securities.

One of the Internet Investment Scheme (or “get rich quick scheme”) that I know is Swiss Cash(Swiss Mutual Fund), and it is in the unauthorized list too. It is very popular in my hometown and among my friends. Everyone is talking about it and approaches everyone to join them.

The scheme claims 300% return investment in 15 months and you do not need to do anything! That is very attractive to anyone. But, how truth is it? Quote from my unit trust fund agent, “if they are so good in investment, the government should hire them to help in country’s economic!”

So, why people still joining and putting money into unauthorized Internet investment schemes? You think they do not know it is illegal? Wrong, they knew it.

People are greedy. They are willing to take the risk of loosing smaller money for a bigger reward, same as gambling. The activity is legal or not is not their concern, they only care about the chances to make more money.

One of my friend’s father is member of SwissCash. My friend told the news and alerted her dad about the illegal status of the investment scheme. But her father ignored her advices and continued putting more money into it. My friend gave up to advise her father anymore. She only hopes that her dad would not burn his fingers later.

I have another college friend was also playing Internet investment schemes two or three years ago. He made a few hundred bucks per month. But, one day the whole Internet investment company and website disappeared in the space. My friend never talks about Internet investment scheme anymore.

After illegal online investment companies collected enough money from their members, they would grab the money and disappear. Their members lost all the money holding by the company.

Advice: If you are joining any unauthorized investment schemes, please withdraw before it’s too late.

More information: Securities Commission, Malaysia

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Update: “The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) will provide the expertise to help the police and Bank Negara track down organisers of illegal Internet investment schemes.” Read…

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