WordPress 2.5 Errors and Solutions

WordPressWordPress 2.5 has been released at March 29. 2008. Many bloggers had install it as soon as it has been released. However, there are many negative feedback and bugs discovered. At the same time, WordPress.org also changed a new look.

I upgraded two WordPress blogs to version 2.5 after its release. The upgrade process is smooth and problem-free. Themes and plugins are working fine. Generally, it works great but with some errors/bugs.

Missing Visual Editor

WordPress 2.5 has a nice Visual Editor but it does not work if your web server has compression enabled (yes, for mine).

WordPress 2.5: Missing Visual Editor

The editor area does not display the beautiful buttons of Visual Editor even you have it enabled at WordPress User Profile. Clicking the “HTML” tag does not have any response because it is already “HTML” mode even the “Visual” tag appears selected.

By right, the Visual Editor should looks like following screenshot:

WordPress 2.5: Visual Editor

Luckily, I found the solution on WordPress Support Forum. All you need to do is disable the visual editor (TinyMCE) compression setting by editing the “tiny_mce_config.php” file. Or, you can easily install the small plugin called “Testing TinyMCE” to fix the problem.

Thanks to azzaozz for the solution!

“WordPress For Dummies”

Invalid RSS Feed

(This might not a WordPress 2.5 error but included here as your information)

My friend wants to use FeedBurner for her new WordPress 2.5 blog’s feed but the feed was invalid. After testing using Feed Validator, the error was caused by the blank line before XML declaration.

I followed the solutions on the website and found blank spaces at the end of “wp-config.php” file. Removed the blank spaces, saved and the feed was fixed!

Your attempt to edit this post: “XXXX” has failed

Both two WordPress blogs that I upgraded to version 2.5 had encountered the error “Your attempts to edit this post: “XXXX” has failed“, where “XXXX” is the post title. I suspect it is something to do with the WP2.5 editor autosave feature.

We are not alone. The problem has been reported to WordPress Support Forum. Someone had disabled all plugins and did not get the error anymore. Not sure which WordPress plugin caused the problem by the time I am blogging this.

Please inform me if you found the solution.

My two cents

WordPress 2.5 is a major upgrade from previous version 2.3. It is common that new software version still contain bugs after released. As I told you earlier, I won’t upgrade my blog to WordPress 2.5 before the patch version has been released.

If you have upgraded your WordPress blog to version 2.5, have you get any errors? Please share your experiences with us.

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