WordPress Post-Install Checklist

WordPressAlthough WordPress is easy to install and it runs out of the box, you should update some settings before starting to blog. Downloadsquad published the complete post-install checklist. A great list with detail instructions.

  1. Create blog title, add email address
  2. Change your password
  3. Disable visual rich editor
  4. Add users
  5. Change the tagline
  6. Edit Membership permissions
  7. Set a date and time format
  8. Modify Reading and Writing settings
  9. Edit Discussion settings
  10. Modify Permalinks structure
  11. Pick a theme
  12. Customize your theme
  13. Write down CSS info
  14. Change title format
  15. Edit blogroll
  16. Edit the About page
  17. Add some categories
  18. Edit the example post for testing
  19. Install plugins
  20. Check blog and test plugins
  21. Create a favicon.ico
  22. Create a shortcut to the Dashboard / setup WordPress client
  23. Start posting

My own post-install checklist is similar but a simpler version. :)

Since mine is a single author blog, I do not need to add users and change membership permissions. If you have a multiple authors blog, I highly recommend you to install the Role Manager plugin. It powers up WordPress user management.

I am using a great blogging client, therefore I don’t bother to disable the visual rich editor. I will change the time different because server in US but I blog in Malaysia. I leave the date and time format as default.

For Discussion Options, I untick both two boxes under “E-mail me whenever:”. I don’t want to be flooded by emails. ;)

For Permalinks, I will use the custom structure: /%postname%/ That’s it. Short and sweet!

“Write down CSS info” is a great tip! I should learn this earlier!

How about yours? Please share your own WordPress post-install checklist.

WordPress Complete: set up, customize, and market your blog

P.S. Have you notice it? Downloadsquad recommends my modified wordpress plugin — Intouch with Subject. :)

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  1. How about those amazon, google ads, feedburner, footer setting, ads sponsor, google search, creative commons, etc. Is that all using plugin?


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